Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where to begin...

Somehow without me noticing, several weeks slipped by and I had no time to reflect let alone savor these last glorious days of my TWENTIES!! I checked the date on the iCal (love you MAC) and realized I hadn't updated anyone on my life since before Mother's Day.. 

Also, we did misplace the camera for a while so I don't have quite the photographic evidence as usual.. First of all the caterpillars, of the three originals, we replaced two and ended up with one that's right ONE butterfly to release. Watching them grow so fat and big, only to hurl themselves into the pitiful dirt below was quite disheartening, but the stages of the chrysallis were amazing. My only regret is that the day I knew "Riley the Second" would hatch, I made a mental note to call the kids up there at 10:00 and I forgot so we didn't witness the actual emergence, but there she was hanging upside down drying her wings. It was amazing, (life in general seems that way to me, but this was particularly so)
So we said a little prayer for Gigi and Riley II floated away, and it was quite uplifting and satisfying to have a physical emblem of your grief, literally take off on the wind. There was a tense, and teary moment, in which Miss H said, "But I want Riley  the 2nd to live here. I will miss her if she goes away." We had to talk about how nothing that we love can ever really leave us, and how even when it is not easy, we have to do what is right. I felt like I was talking to myself about having to say goodbye to my grandmother, and  dealing with this growing shift to independence that is happening around here. Honestly, it was a little intense for what I thought would be a simple science/grief project for the kids. 

The Littlest Bit is going to be in need of a new nickname, because she is getting to be not such a little bit, and is instead quite a busy girl. She can crawl, and from the photos, it appears she's been doing it for months! Here is a video from May 1st of her blowing kisses. Please make no comments about the general state of my appearance, unless you are going to say something about how I just look great holding a baby.. (even if what you want to say is I should hold it pretty much in front of me!) 

She also can say mama and dada now and eats a variety of food, but in true Riley Family style, loves salmon, beans, and otter pops (which we now call icees but will always be otter pops). She will drink water from a cup, and lemonade from a straw, and she is obsessed with our CamelBak bite straw waterbottles, but she will only take milk from her mama.. (hmm annoying and simultaneously, adorable!)

We spent mother's day weekend at the beach with mimi and papa, which to be honest I absolutely loved. It was a quick trip, but so much fun. below are a few pics of the vacation. I love vacationing there and spending time with our kids in the same place we celebrated our wedding. I was particularly struck on this vacation, at how amazing our kids are. Those of you who know me, know that that joys I have had in motherhood come frequently as a surprise to me. What a blessing! 
Just check it out!!

This was also one of my first opportunities to see the clear advantage of Mimi's camera (all the kids got her for christmas). It is AWESOME! You can probably tell which are hers and which are mine in the beach photos above. 
So of course this post is getting a trifle long, so I will update you on Pigasso and Mootisse, Volcanoes,TuTus, State Champions, Library Cards, Hannah Made beach bags, Cricut Maching (LOVE IT) the end of the school year, and my personal favorite The POOL!!!

To two of the special people who read this blog.. we are thinking of you, we are praying for you and your recovery.. each of you having had much on your hearts, may He wrap his arms about you, and let you feel the eternal comfort of a Father in Heaven. 


Linnea said...

Kirsten LOVED the video. She is currently yelling at me, "Watch kisses! Watch kisses! mwah mwah mwah!"

Ty and Andi said...

I love your pictures. Your baby is growing way too fast. It was so fun to hear you are doing well and enjoying each moment. I especially love the pic of Mike's hand holding a little hand...so sweet! We only have one week before we head your way. I can not wait to catch up with you...we could even supply some otter pops for the kids to enjoy and play together! You are such an uplifting person to listen to! Thanks Summer! Much love! (Plus if you ever need beach buddies, Tyler is ready to go :), those pics make us long to be there...)

snoopy said...

love the pictures looks like you guys are back to your self now the kids look like they are having a great time. you guys are doing a great job.
love ya hugs for everyone.