Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things that Sparkle!

I just love summertime! Around here, it is not just a time of year, it is a lifestyle change. It means, no work and pretty much all play. Thank goodness we still go to church on Sunday's or I think we would lose all track of the days. We kicked off some summer fun, with a lightnin m'keen bug hunt, and the kids first backyard sparkler attempt.

Here is a fact you don't think of until you are a parent, those bugs don't come out until just about dark. So of course we had to wait for those darn lightning bugs to arrive, which they did not do until 8:30, so that was a super late night for the kids! We did get some quality swinging time in on the jungle gym. Miss H can now pump which I would just like to say is super sweet, because it is a little known fact about me that I really do not enjoy pushing a swing! Here's Rachel enjoying her baptism present from Mimi and Papa earlier in the day (ooops, that reminds me I should get those pics up!)***Also, if you are tempted to comment about her hair, let's leave it at temptation hmmm****

While we waited, we let the kids go for it with some pyrotechnics. Cubby was disappointed that we did not let him use "the kind of fireworks that shoot up in the air." Let's start with these I said politely. After we discussed the importance of "stop drop and roll" The Mr. got out the trusty flame and we lit Cubby's sparkler. I'm telling you, I could practically see his heart beating in simultaneous elation and fear!


Little Daddy was the only one who did not have a major reaction. Miss H was giggling so hard in nervous excitement the Mr. could hardly even light hers.

Well, they did great and were anxious to go again. The Mr. and I both remarked that we remembered those sparklers have more sparkle and less handle, and lasting for much longer when we were kids. Although, I'm sure if your heart is beating like Cubbies, the 20 seconds it burned for could seem like an eternity.

Finally, the lil bugs made their appearance! The Mr. Spotted and caught the first ones, but Cubby was right behind him. Miss H and Little Daddy, did not catch any, but luckily the Mr. and I were willing to share. This is the part where I was sad we didn't have a better camera, low-light is not a friend to our pocket camera, and truly if you could have seen the wonderment on Little Daddy's face about those bugs.. you so would have melted! This is the best I got...

So, tuckered out from catching bugs, we headed inside to read "Fireflies in the Night" (it is an excellent children's informational text and part of my favorite science series "Let's Read and Find Out") while eating ice cream (Buy two get three free at Harris Teeter this week, that's right, we all got our own flavor!). Then we sent them to bed, with their own little firefly nightlight. (Don't worry we let the bugs go once the kids were asleep.)

So things that sparkle:
1. Sparklers
2. Kids eyes when they are finally given permission to actually hold "fire"
3. Lightning bugs
4. A toddler's face when the little things actually light up
5. Anything witnessed with eyes of love... (I know super cheese... and true!)

Here's wishing you things that sparkle!!

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