Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am unsure when it became an event in our family, but today was a monumental day in the life of our youngest child, the day she had her first doughnut.  I believe that the greatness of this event dates back to the first time we allowed Cubby to have a doughnut and he had that look of pure joy that comes from finding the one thing that can make your life complete.  From that point on, it has been a true event in our family to receive your first doughnut.  Miss H was mildly more subdued in her doughnut response, but still it was clear that she enjoyed it.  Little Daddy was not all that excited about the prospect of taking one at first, but as you can see in the pictures, he later decided that he would eat an entire box.  It is important to note at this point that since the introduction of the doughnut to the first three children, some things have changed.  The most notable change is the fact that Krispy Kreme no longer sells doughnut holes, our traditional first doughnut of choice, but has replaced them with the mini doughnuts.  Which brings us to today...

  This morning I was awakened as I always am by Cubby climbing over my head to get into our bed and then searching for the remote so that he could change the channel for his traditional morning cartoons.  We continued watching for a short period, and then the Lil Bit awoke and called out to me in her ever so joyful morning tone.  We were then joined by Miss H and Little Daddy.  It was quite early and no one was in a particularly good mood, as we had just returned from the beach last night.  This is when I decided that today would be the day.  I quietly roused the children and told them that we would be going on a secret mission, and not to wake their mother (I know what you are thinking right now, I am writing it just like her aren't I?!)  So we quietly snuck out of the house, as quietly as you can with four kids and a door that announces the fact that it has been opened anyway, and we drove off to the Krispy Kreme.  We are extremely blessed to live very close to the local doughnut establishment.  Along the way we discussed the type of doughnuts that we would be purchasing, and it was established that we would need to include sprinkles in some way.  The purchase was made and we returned home.  

   Once we arrived at home, the fun began.  Being an excellent keeper of family history, I made sure that I grabbed the camera and that it was charged.  As this was being done, I also carried the coffee up the stairs along with the baby (this is a very dangerous task prior to drinking the coffee, especially with a baby that flails around like ours, but I made it).  Cubby was the first to run up the stairs and announce our arrival and the presence of doughnuts, I believe his exact words were, " MOMMMM, we are home and we have DOUGHNUTS!!!"  He was followed shortly thereafter by Little Daddy who announced, " MOM, we here wit DOUGHNUTS!!!".  We sat down at the table, but still there was no mommy, so I sent our most prodding youth, Miss H, to get her.  She said, " MOM, we are here and we have DOUGHNUTS!!!".  We sat and waited, the natives were restless so I allowed them to select their doughnuts.  Cubby of course took three immediately, while Little Daddy and Miss H were more reserved and only took two, all of them made sure that they received at least one with sprinkles, and still NO Mommy.  Finally, I could take it no more and I presented the Lil Bit with her first doughnut (making sure to have camera in hand with for this historic moment).  Just as she took her first bite (and I took the first picture) Summer arrived at the table.

  There was a brief tone of disappointment at having missed the exact moment at which the doughnut was presented, but it was soon replaced by the genuine excitement of a mother seeing her youngest child receive perhaps the most unhealthy food item that she has placed in her mouth to date (note that I said "food item" I am fairly certain I removed a chunk of paint from her mouth this very afternoon).  Breakfast continued and Lil Bit seemed to join our family tradition of doughnut enjoyment, which is good, because the kids and I really enjoy sneaking out in the mornings to go get them, and I believe that Summer enjoys it when we bring them back, so I guess Lil Bit gets to stay in the family!

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Jana Howard said...

What a great post and what a fabulous Dad you are! I loved reading the DOUGHNUTS post! It brought a smile to my face!