Friday, February 26, 2010

Sick Bay

There are some weeks that fly by because we are so busy, everything runs smoothly and there are other weeks in which the drudgery of parenthood seems to stall time. This was a week of the latter. TGIF, friends, because I literally thought this day may not come.

The kids were all sick this week, off and on, in shifts of course but the combination of quarantine and LAUNDRY that results from 4 kids having the throw-ups well, lets just say hope springs eternal, but it doesn't make time go any FASTER.

I have learned some important things this week...

1. You know you are a mother when even a child vomiting all over the dinner table does not deter you from finishing the steak dinner that blew the grocery budget.

2. When you have multiple children and 2 of them have thrown up you start looking at the others like little ticking puke bombs.

3. Children do actually tire of you asking, "Are you going to throw up?"

4. Our children do not tire of telling me about their diarrhea (aka waterpoop), their need for popsicles, or their desire to just lay around and watch "pongebob"

5. A child who is given a popsicle to recover from throwing up will claim their belly hurts so often you will need antacids.

6. Your husband, who can usually be counted upon to handle creepy crawlies, snakes and the like, is not be a reliable helper in the vomit department; and even though the puddle of undigested bits are blocking his path to his clothes and bed, he will look at you pathetically and tell you "I can't."

7. There are apparently two kinds of children, the as seen on TV kind who lay lethargic and weak because of vomiting, and the kind who run around on high speed leaving general destruction, puke, and then continue on full blast. We have the latter.

8. Issuing puke buckets to every child and demonstrating their proper use and storage, means you will have to wash every item you own, and THE CAR. -- I mean every item except the buckets.

9. Little Daddy does not understand (or perhaps does not want to??) the feeling that indicates imminent vomit, and so he will actually call you to him, look at you, and VOMIT.

10. Probably my cardio workouts will be even easier this week since my heartrate has been elevated from the stress of possible spewage all week.

Finally, It was (parts of it anyways) nice to have some time to just be all together and not do much or go anywhere (I mean except for the puke).

Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm talking actual square dancing, people. With a caller and a big circle and traveling couples, and a promenade the whole SHE-bang. I loved it! The kids loved it! Even The Mr. admitted to a feeling not unlike love about the experience.

So of course the kids enjoyed picking out some cowboy outfits, and we were lucky enough to have a friend with some great items. A quick trip to the Goodwill outfitted me and Cubby got some boots.

By the way, those of you not familiar with Goodwill shopping might want to get aquainted. We found a slew of gymboree shirts for Miss H at $2 each, tap shoes and cowboy boots for dress up for $2.50 . I also scored on piano instruction books at 50 CENTS a piece. (I found 14!! of the speciality books that retail for 6 dollars each, so I now have just about no excuse for not practicing very much anymore.)

The point of the chili dinner and square dancing of course was fellowship with church members and I have to say, objective met! So much fun, and so many faces!!

(you gotta love those little ponies!!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

A fun time was had by all, although we did reap the "rewards" of feeding the kids doughnuts for breakfast in that they were all hopped up, all morning!!

The Mr. revealed his great surprise which was this Valentine's Bouquet of decoupaged hearts and letters suspended in an etched glass vase filled with Dark Chocolate. I know... he's amazing.

As one good turn deserves another, I treated Him to breakfast in bed.

We ate....

and Churched

and now we are all resting up for our square dancing Chili date....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Preparations, and Hello Kitty to the Rescue

We made some really great Valentine's this year.
We started as we usually do with these things...

We melted and mixed...

We shaped and dipped...

We sprinkled...

We celebrated...

We taste-tested.

The test was a success... we ate them all up, well we may have given away four.

In other news... Hello Kitty to the rescue.

I was able to use Miss H's machine, to put the aforementioned horrendous buttonhole issue to rest. Of course this was after two more hours trying with the Elna. (Which I have inappropriately been calling the HELL-na behind it's back because it has created the illusion of simplicity with the reality of time-sucking complexity.) The ironic part of the whole situation is after spending countless hours mastering the button holes so they would be absolutely perfect (which they aren't but they are as close as Hello Kitty could muster), I had Miss H try the skirt on, and the itty bitty little thing put it on without UNBUTTONING IT!!! Hmm if only I had realized that days ago. Although, honestly I thought it nearly impossible, as I had cut it out to have a 3T size waist... she slid it right over her teeny buns without even blinking.

I'm excited to see the girls Kit included outfitted up tomorrow. I am also excited to see what The Mr. spent all morning working on with the kids in the basement... Also.. did I mention we are going square dancing tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The Mr did not cook breakfast. (well not by himself)

A found a younger girl snuggling with my husband

My bed was lumpy.

And someone was reading my favorite book

all in all a pretty good day... (still no button holes)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It Can't Work

Look at these...

I know adorable right? So I attacked it tonight, the kids were a bed, the Mr. was occupied with the TV, and I dragged all the various equipment out, (basement still flooded) I read the manual, to the newly repaired machine, and I reread, and reread, and I practiced, and repracticed, and practiced again.... and in a phrase I have learned from my children. "IT CANT WORK!!) The auto button hole specialty foot which probably retails for a million dollars, can't work, the "manual mode" can't work, the memorizing the manual button hole can't work... it all can't work.

Look at this.. so close, and yet so very very far away...

I'm very frustrated, and I may have teared up after two hours of trying, and problem solving. I miss my reliable machine, (which is as good as dead now) I miss my basement sewing area. I miss being able to finish my project.
Some good things did happen today. This for example...
(did not require buttonholes.. also I do really like drafting patterns for Kit, and am considering launching a little blog all about her wardrobe this is a mimic of the Oliver and S skirts, with sailor front and kick pleat)

This happened...

(dino by Cubby, ballerina by Miss H, oil pastel on black archival paper)

and also this...

(ballerina by Miss H, Cubby by Cubby)

and mostly this...

(God help the family to feel better and watch over our friends.)

C and H wrote that on our prayer board. We are working as a family on meaningful prayer, and so between meals we make a little list on this chalkboard and then pray together before we eat. We're on Day three, and today was the first day any of the kids had the nerve to write on the board, they would call out stuff for me to write, but this was the first time they took all the initiative. It's a blessing..

(but it's not eight perfect button holes!!)

All right, I'm off to try it again, (even though I have every confidence It Can't Work!) because I am not a quitter, although I appear to be a little bit of a crybaby.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

The Mr. did have to go to work on Thursday, but another weirdo snow storm rescued him for a strenuous two day work week, the school system cancelled everything, not even an option for work. AWESOME!!

I have been doing alot of "crafty type" projects involving modge podge, and paint and have orchestrated some kid friendly sewing projects, but I haven't created anything in a while. I mean almost a year I think. (not counting the Halloween Costumes I borrowed a machine to complete). At first it was because my back was hurt, and it felt selfish to spend any of my twenty minutes of pain free-ness on myself when there were babies to hold and nurse, and kids to hug and snuggle. Then when I felt absolute longing to complete a great project (a dress I had promised my best friend 2 years ago!!) my machine broke. The Mr.'s mom was nice enough to lend me her machine, which also broke and there wasn't a shop anywhere near here that could fix it. So all my wonderful sewing supplies and "horde" of fabrics ( I put this in quotes because what The Mr. Thinks of as a stockpile fit for apocolypse, only occupies 2 drawers in a dresser, we have different ideas I think).

Anyway.. I did get the machine repaired and have been waiting and wanting to use it, but we've had all these snow days which prior to kids would have meant, grilled cheese, and laying in bed only to stay up all night stitching. All these things are not possible, as you may have guessed from the previous posts. I tried to get Miss H busy on sewing so we could work side by side.. to no avail. Finally, this afternoon after 6 snowy snowy days and little time out of the house I set it up, I pulled out a fabric I have been sitting on for MONTHS to make the girls some cute valentine's day skirts.

I kid you not dear readers, no sooner did I finish cutting out the last piece did the basement begin to FLOOD. I Mean BIG TIME... We were all scurrying about like rats on the Titanic trying to get everything off the floor, and the whole time I was thinking. Seriously?!!

Well The Mr. seeing my dismay carried all the required machinery up the stairs and let me work in the dining room after the kids went to bed. Isn't he sweet?

When Lil Bit woke up crying he went in and got her and tried to entertain her until she would settle back down... I know he's so amazing.

And the reward for all his hard work?

Two sailor style, kickpleated, heart covered skirts. (That still need buttonholes. But I always wait a day before button holes, because they make me cry). You can also see the oil pastels the kids have been working with, because heaven forbid we not learn a new skill with all this uninterrupted time.

The amount of water in the basement, also makes me cry.
Snow I love,

I also love The Mr. (obviously!)

Rain, flooded basements and buttonholes. Hmm not so much.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Day Take TWO !!

I am having ALOT of Fun on "Spring Break" apparently that is when we will be making up these snow days (YIKES!)

We have done some fun projects, kept the house fairly clean, and played in the snow.. and guess what schools are closed tomorrow too! Actually it is an optional teacher workday. I am wondering if The Mr. will go in just to escape all the crafting and togetherness.

Miss H sewed some super special valentine's for lucky recipients, and we plan to make adorable heart shaped Rice Krispy treats on a lollipop stick to give away. (We are having a mild obsession with Rice Krispy treats around here) We may dip some in chocolate. YUM!!

Here's our snowmen. Cubby has been waiting his whole life to build a snowman. This is the first great one we built. According to Miss H, these men are way cooler than the snowcano.

I'm certainly glad for all the days off. We have are all a little sniffly, and The Mr. had a fever last night, probably laying low is in our best interest.

So, I know not everyone is as exhuberant as I am about snow days, but I do pray you find joy in this extra time with your families!