Friday, February 26, 2010

Sick Bay

There are some weeks that fly by because we are so busy, everything runs smoothly and there are other weeks in which the drudgery of parenthood seems to stall time. This was a week of the latter. TGIF, friends, because I literally thought this day may not come.

The kids were all sick this week, off and on, in shifts of course but the combination of quarantine and LAUNDRY that results from 4 kids having the throw-ups well, lets just say hope springs eternal, but it doesn't make time go any FASTER.

I have learned some important things this week...

1. You know you are a mother when even a child vomiting all over the dinner table does not deter you from finishing the steak dinner that blew the grocery budget.

2. When you have multiple children and 2 of them have thrown up you start looking at the others like little ticking puke bombs.

3. Children do actually tire of you asking, "Are you going to throw up?"

4. Our children do not tire of telling me about their diarrhea (aka waterpoop), their need for popsicles, or their desire to just lay around and watch "pongebob"

5. A child who is given a popsicle to recover from throwing up will claim their belly hurts so often you will need antacids.

6. Your husband, who can usually be counted upon to handle creepy crawlies, snakes and the like, is not be a reliable helper in the vomit department; and even though the puddle of undigested bits are blocking his path to his clothes and bed, he will look at you pathetically and tell you "I can't."

7. There are apparently two kinds of children, the as seen on TV kind who lay lethargic and weak because of vomiting, and the kind who run around on high speed leaving general destruction, puke, and then continue on full blast. We have the latter.

8. Issuing puke buckets to every child and demonstrating their proper use and storage, means you will have to wash every item you own, and THE CAR. -- I mean every item except the buckets.

9. Little Daddy does not understand (or perhaps does not want to??) the feeling that indicates imminent vomit, and so he will actually call you to him, look at you, and VOMIT.

10. Probably my cardio workouts will be even easier this week since my heartrate has been elevated from the stress of possible spewage all week.

Finally, It was (parts of it anyways) nice to have some time to just be all together and not do much or go anywhere (I mean except for the puke).