Monday, September 29, 2008

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

So here we are, waiting waiting waiting for the arrival of number four. Kindly notice that A-Drew, practically disappears beneath the mountain of a belly that will someday soon (AKA now would be nice) be his baby sister. I was definitely hoping she would make her debut on Sunday, as that would have been exceptionally convenient for all of my in-laws who were in town for a visit. But they have all vacated, and the week now stretches before me with our usual flurry of activities. When Miss H prayed last night at dinner she said, in all her four year old wisdom, "Help us to have patience." Hmmm... I'll have to think on that. I thought patience was what I had for the last 39 1/2 weeks. A part of my heart treasures this time when I am the only one to "know" our baby, the only one to be aware of her little quirks and jerks and tumbles and hiccups, but the better part of my lower back, is slightly less fond of the pregnancy process. Also,, please refrain from commenting about the state of my belly button, let's just say that the turkey is OVERDONE!!

Here is the crew.. headed to church. Notice that for fall I have broken out the ever fabulous sweater vests for the boys, and Miss H is clutching Kit tightly so that she will "sit reverently" in the sanctuary. At least it's not 95 degrees anymore!! It won't be long now, say my super fabulous neighbors, Mr. Richard and Mrs. Pazel (as the kids call them). Hmm but somehow.. even knowing that I need a little bit of that "patience" Miss H called for at dinner.