Saturday, April 18, 2009


This morning we roused the troops, ate a delicious cinnamon-apple pancake breakfast, and headed to the "All-A-Flutter" butterfly farm in High Point. It was absolutely fantastic. The owner operators, are amazing, and their educational presentation was spot on!! The entire presentation is interactive and engaging. I was very impressed, and everyone knows how picky I am about this type of stuff. I have linked their site for your convenience family days are on Saturdays throughout the season.. just a little tip.. arrive on time!! They start promptly at 10:00, so try to get there early!!

In the Flight House, they give you a little cotton pad soaked in sugar water, to attract the Monarchs, Miss H and Cubby found this to be quite fascinating. Miss H was the first to attract one, and caused a bit of a stir when a second one landed on her sundress. The Mr. was nearly able to capture the look of pure pride on Cubby's face when he single-handedly wrangled one of his own.  Little Daddy, lost interest in the pillars about ten minutes in. 

Before we left, we did purchase 3 actual caterpillars in sturdy bug barns so the kids could watch the metamorphosis. They eat Milkweed, which is supposed to be easy to grow, and we have flirted with the idea of planting a butterfly garden in Memorial of GiGi who loved butterflies. I think I'll do a little more research about that before we "dig in" I am not a great gardener, and have not had great luck with plants that aren't food. 

The children were surprised to learn that you can't tell a male caterpillar from a female until they turn into a butterfly. Isn't that amazing?

Also, Lil bit cut her first tooth, and did I mention she can crawl?

Two Stories: 
First, On Friday we were at the park, and Connor was in need of a tree. I cautioned him as he went out of the gated area, "Be Careful," I called. Without even a moments hesitation he called out cheerily in his playground voice, "Don't worry about me Mom, God is with me!!" 

Finally, on Wednesday at BSF Hannah was admiring a statue depicting the Last Supper. "Is this what Jesus really looks like Mama?" she asked. I answered, "No one really knows what Jesus looks like, Hannah, this is just someone's idea of what He looks like." She  paused for just a second and said, "Well that's not true, because Gigi knows what He looks like." I could hardly even answer not just for the lump in my throat and the tear in my eye, but for yet another moment of  pure joy brought forth by the power of His word. 

How eager we have been to teach our children all the things we value, and how blessed we have been to see them thrive under this careful tutelage.. 

Much love and Peace to you all!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hope Abounds

Another holiday, another opportunity to share our traditions, and another set of coordinated attire. This Easter marked the first holiday in which none of the children’s outfits were handmade by me. 

Thankfully, the Strasburg Children in our local mall (My favorite Sunday Clothes shop) went out of business just before Christmas and I bought a set of outfits I thought I could use for Rachel’s baptism. I am always trying to restrain myself in there because their things are adorable, and coordinated, and expensive,but when the clearance rack goes fifty percent off, you have to give yourself a little lee-way!!

It was an amazing day, the weather was perfectly spring, the potluck breakfast at church was crowded with good people, good food and great fellowship. They added an Egg Hunt this year, and the kids just loved it!! My favorite moment of course, was the children’s minute during the service, where for the first time ever it was our kids who called out the answers. I was BEAMING that they were able to share the story of this most important holiday.

The children are excellent egg hunters, and were very tickled that the Easter Bunny saw fit to hide eggs all over the playroom. So here’s the pics, (we apparently took about a hundred) but here are just a few. 

Much love to you, 

He Is Risen Indeed!!