Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nature vs. Nurture

Those of you who know me well, know I am always trying to encourage my kids to be independent, more than one friend has commented on my bravery as I let the kids get and pour their own milk, or make their own sandwich. Of course I shrug off these comments by saying how it is really my laziness that causes the kids to be independent, "Of course you can get your own milk, (then I don't have to get  up!!)" The truth of the matter, is that these kids seem to be hardwired to be independent. Case in point, on Friday, Little Daddy went into his room to get dressed, and when I said, "Great, let's put on your diaper, he said "I don't need a diaper" Of course I countered with, "Are you going to use the potty?"an undertone of sassiness in my voice. "AHH HUUUH" he answered emphatically. And he did, and he has ever since. Mind you I was just complaining to my pediatrician about how he was decidedly uninterested in potty usage, and whatever could be the matter with him. I had literally just determined he would probably be wearing diapers to kindergarten, and then presto.  So keep watch for an adorable post of him in his "MicKEENS". 

Secondly, I turned my head for a moment (well I was loading the dishwasher) and when I looked back.. this is what I saw!!

I was so insulted... not only did she choose her own "first food" but, she had the audacity to use a spoon!! Well, I suppose it's no different than Little Daddy, swiping a handful of salad at 5 months, but seriously, a spoon? I had hoped to savor and spoil, and luxuriate in this last baby, to get my fill and be poetically over indulgent. In short, I had planned to BABY this one, and look.. she's going to be just as independent as the others. Hmm, a mother's work is never as she planned.