Friday, June 25, 2010

Where did the time go?

I don't know who was more excited about this moment... Cubby ordered these flowers a month ago to give to Miss H after her recital.
She was thrilled to be done with ballet and to have an entire dozen roses in her room. 

Here we are hamming it up watching "The Sandlot" at BB&T park. The open air movie was an AWESOME idea!! I hope they do it every week. 
They gave everyone free popcorn and a drink. Lil Bit was insistent upon ensuring everyone's popcorn was as tasty as hers. 
Here's Miss H warming up at the City County Swim Meet, Both the 6 and Under relays won medals today. 

They really look like swimmers here. 
Go Sharks!
Little Daddy is Bit's favorite... 
I love these girls. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

in case you were wondering...

this is what I looked like on my birthday... 
necklace made by little daddy
This was my haul.. not pictured the gift certificate to the LOFT the Mr. surprised me with, and necklaces made by Cubby and Miss H. and cards from Aunt Dorothy and Gramma Haynes.

This is how Lil Bit thinks you wear goggles...
This is what Cubby and Miss H look like getting warmed up for their first swim meet..
I know.. not the best pushup form ever...

Friday, June 11, 2010

a little birthday

Because everything is better with Bacon, Lil Bit offered me hers and said.. happy Dirthday

Then this arrived! 38 sheets of gypsum drywall minted right here in North Carolina

These men arrived and humored me by letting me take their picture.. and then they proceeded to hang the drywall.. 
In between the insulators came and insulated but they were gone so fast I didn't get a pic. 
We baked a cake... 

We had a surprise luncheon!!

Cake and presents await!! You may not be able to see but those are See's candies lollipops in a flavor called ROOT BEER!! Who Knew such things existed? 

I am totally loving my birthday. The Mr. is taking me on a real date, and also I have a gift certificate for new clothes for my smaller heinie. 

Loving it!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


My birthday is coming, and so we have been talking about aging and getting older. The Mr. and I would both love to freeze life just now where it is, because it is difficult to imagine it getting better, and so we told Little Daddy that he would have to stay three, and on his next birthday, he would just have to be three all over again.

"No, I gonna be four on my Birthday"

No, you'll just have to be three again, what is so great about turning four?

"You get a beard."

Yes, he really thought he would get a beard for his fourth birthday. Granted I think the Mr. did have to start shaving in fifth grade.. but really four?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A beautiful thing

So I was preparing to sew up some samples for the girls sewing club, and Miss H got to work on her lemonade on the lawn skirt. Months and Months ago she found this very very loud lemon print at the Joann's and said, "Ohh Mom, this would just be perfect for lemonade on the lawn!" How can you argue with a five year old who wants to sew her own skirt to wear while she pours lemonade for the congregation after services? I did find myself incapable of argument and purchased enough for two, one for demonstration purposes and one for her to sew. I cannot even tell you how my eyes bulged when she selected JUMBO bright yellow rick rack, but you can't argue with her finished product. Paired with a $5 perfect t-shirt from Target it screams summertime, and lemonade on the lawn. And how cute does Lil bit look flashing her "Ponge Bob panties?" I know she's such a cutie!!

Miss H's only comment on sewing such an adorable skirt, "Mom, next time do you think we could start earlier? I'm so tired!!" We had to wait until all the other children were sleeping to be able to sit down and work in the office (still missing my playroom!!) She finished at 9:30, not bad for an hour and a half.

This summer is going to be GREAT!!