Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday..

We are relaxing at the beach. It is entirely possible that I did not get out of my jamma's yesterday, and I did have to ask several times what day of the week it was.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Good Christian Friends Rejoice...

with heart and souls and voice!!

What a lesson we had in being able to give good gifts this year. Each of our children had worked and thought very hard to select items for their loved ones that they would treasure, and judging by the excitement we saw here, they were quite successful!

By far the two most played with items, were the rocking chair the Cubby and Miss H had found and refurbished. Lil Bit loved rocking in it, and it turn out (with the Mr.'s help) to be quite attractive. Mental note for next year, spray painting in December.. not a feat for the faint of heart.

The other was an early decision by Little Daddy to get the rereleased fisher price farm set for Lil Bit. It is one of the few Little People items that is also completely self storing. AWESOME!! Aside from all this fun, Cubby will tell you that the best part of the day was getting to spend Christmas night with The Incredibles, which we hadn't seen before. It was pretty cute. I think the Mr. enjoyed riding the razor scooters in the basement. Truth be told, the powerwing scooter was really really fun.

My favorite part, was my Lovely Aunt waking up at four o'clock California time and Skype-ing in for Christmas morning. While her camera wasn't working so we couldn't "see" her, I was able to hear her, and she was able to see the kids enjoy all the goodies she had sent. Too bad for her, no Cinnabon which has become our traditional Christmas morning feast.

I missed my dad, somehow an email is not quite the same as the phone call I had been settling for the last 8 years. Hopefully there will be a Christmas soon where we can all be together in person. There was a tender moment too when Cubby said he wasn't hungry for breakfast and I told him that if Gigi had been there he would have had to have had breakfast before presents... now that shocked him.
While there were many labors of our hands and gifts from our hearts under the tree, we are most thankful and delighted to receive the love that is showered upon us "without ribbons without tags... without packages, boxes or bags". The gift of His only Son, given more than 2000 years ago in a lowly stable. This Life we lead that is rich in blessing and grace, given by He who gives the greatest Gifts.

A very Merry Christmas to you all!!

Unto You a Child is Born...

a son given...

and now he is THREE!

Little Daddy turned three amidst the Christmas Celebration. And while in the weeks leading up to the big day when asked if anyone had a birthday coming up, he did almost without fail say, "Jesus!" and then when prodded would admit his birthday was also on it's way. As per tradition, a Lightning McQueen cake was requested, and although The Mr. and I were tempted to purchase the Cricut Cartridge "Cars" and try the fondant cutting technique, we opted instead for putting actual cars on the cake.. cute, simple, and according to Little Daddy, "the best cake ever."

So before Christmas dinner he opened his presents, Gator Golf got rave reviews as well as a Jr. Golf set and bag with actual metal clubs from Miss H. Also exciting, a remote control Lightning Mc Queen.

Little Daddy is a delight to us. From the very beginning I knew he would look just like The Mr. (I dreamed it when he was still in my tummy), but I couldn't have imagined how much his personality would take after him as well.

Little Daddy is humorous and easy going, and a die hard Deacs fan. We enjoy his crazy jokes, (Lighting McQueen have a race on my head), his sweet cuddles, and his tender love for his baby sister. He is a great friend to all, and a joy to our hearts. His baseball cap is ever present, as is his charming smile.

I still can't believe he is THREE!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silent Night?!!

It has been a full, and quite eventful day around here. We had some last minute Santa projects to finish, a fun Gingerbread House Decorating activity. We are talking real gingerbread people, not hot glued graham crackers. These wonderful houses were sent by my sister in law Jodi, who apparently got the Martha Stewart gene.. she sent bags.. (yes bags of candy) and the children happily decorated away.

We attended the childrens service at church this afternoon, the excitement about the costumes being just about unbearable. Especially for Cubby, who in his haste to retrieve his shepherd's stick mananaged to knock two picture frames from our new mantle, cutting his foot and nearly knocking Lil Bit's head off. There were bare feet and glass EVERYWHERE! and of course this happened moments before we were supposed to be loading the car. When we got settled in the sanctuary, the anticipation was palpable let me tell you, until the quiet of Randy's opening comments was shattered by Lil Bit slipping out of the seat in her sheep's costume and banging her face into the hymnal rack. I removed her mid-shreik, but our Christmas photos probably won't be super.

Check out the Angel, Shepherd, Sheep and Tax Collector? Pageant Director? (you decide... he was under no circumstances interested in dressing up)

We returned home, so projects could be picked up, and then the Angel and Shepherd and I went to spread Christmas cheer and pick up some photos we were giving as gifts. As we were heading out the door, the shepherd tripped himself on the stairs and landed hard on his back... "Don't worry, I'm okay" he called out immediately, but it left a substantial mark.

We visted with Mr. Richard and Mrs. Hazel, where I took no pictures, sadly, but we were as usual delighted to have them so near to us. Finally, we concluded the evening with meatloaf for dinner, where a glass actually broke in the Mr.'s hand. (No injury) and we opened our Christmas Eve presents. It's not really a surprise, as we all knew we were getting pajama pants...

Miss H and Cubby worked very hard this week to sew pajama pants for everyone. Cubby sewed for the girls and Hannah for the boys. Cubby even stitched a pair for KIT! So cute.. I did some iron on on the shirts, which I hope to stitch someday, but probably won't ever get around to.

Then for your amusement we experimented with the self timer on the camera.

So.. we now await the fat-man.. and given the rash of broken glass and injury, am double checking my insurance policy, as he will most likely become lodged in the chimney!!
We are baking the cake to Celebrate Little Daddy's Number Three Birthday! I can't even believe it!

The children are nestled, all snug in their new jamma's and I'm hoping they go to sleep SOON!!

Merry Christmas to all! God bless!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


There are approximately a thousand things to pick up downstairs, and three pretty large projects I'm supposed to finish tonight.. but I can't resist posting some family portrait retakes.. apparently it's going to be a rough year for a great family protrait.. but here's a few to tickle your funny bones, and spread the Christmas cheer.

Miss H and Cubby also sang as part of the Covenant Choir for the second time today. Lil Bit was beyond ecstatic to see them up there and called out Brudda Brudda and did her grabbing/pointing arms. Little Daddy, spent most of the four minute performance, working a bruise into my thigh as he stood on me to get a better view. Cubby was quite specific about where he wanted us to sit so that he would not be too nervous, and actually chose our seats before the service. Apparently it did the trick because not only could we hear him, but he didn't cover his face this time at all.

In the late afternoon I took C and H to join up with church members to go caroling in one of the retirement communities.. it was AWESOME, and truth be told, our group was not too shabby.

alright... now I must get down to business!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life

So, somedays things around here are just about MAGIC and today really and truly was that day. The weather people around here started calling for snow a couple of days ago, and the buzz around here was near ELECTRIC. The school system opted for closing two hours early, which meant The Mr. would get to start Christmas break TWO HOURS EARLY..

The kids and I bundled up and headed this morning to my eye appt. Our optometrist is a very nice man, and was quite understanding and patient when Lil Bit picked up his probably super expensive eye equipment and started banging around. The best part was obviously getting contacts again, because my vision is so poor I have to sleep in my glasses or I can't find them in the morning..

Next I took the troops to visit Santa at the mall...

I know.. so fun, and guess what.. I think I am one year away from a tear free event because Lil Bit almost made it, and Little Daddy was super content.

So I was delighted that the reindeer, trampoline and new daddy that had been previously requested were cast aside for powerwing scooter, sparks scooter and some legos. (I did tell them in line that under no condition were they to ask for a dog or another sibling).

Then we headed to grocery store (I know, not the smartest thing to do the day 10 inches of snow is supposed to roll in) we beat the rush, but when we were leaving.. let me tell you the place was PACKED! and sadly Cubby lost his Eagles tobaggon hat in there.

Finally we went home and tried to get a kids Christmas picture, I'm thinking of asking my sister (hint hint Winter) to see if she can photoshop a few different ones together to get me an actually usuable photo that does not show the true "family" spirit. I have nearly a hundred shots to choose from... and well.. one of these is probably the best, cast your vote.

Finally, we patiently waited... and watched.. and...

(too bad I didn't do this as video because Cubby was singing a song about snow and all of them were shaking their buns)
It SNOWED!!! (and is still snowing!!)

I bundled the kids all up in their snow gear, just in time for The Mr. to return home, and look at this fun..
I know.. amazing. I did laugh nearly hysterically when I managed to get The Mr. Right in the face. Of course as I was paralyzed with laughter, he pelted me!

We came in and had hot cocoa, and snuggled in to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas. Now the Mr. and the kids are doing a dinosaur puzzle on the new kitchen island. Except for Lil Bit, who is walking around with no pants on because her newest trick is pants removal.

It is a wonderful life!
Happy Snow DAY!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We were coming home from the library and Miss H calls out, in her thoughtful voice, "Mom, sometimes when I am in bed asleep I dream about buying a man." My eyeballs nearly popped out of my head as she continued, "You know buy a man."

"No, I answered, what do you mean?" This was certainly going to be interesting!!
"You know, like, buy a husband."
"Ohh well you don't buy a husband..."

'Oh" she said, seemingly satisfied with that answer. Then later.. Well how do you get one?

Would you be shocked if I admitted my first thought was.. I have no idea. Because it was... I tried to steer the conversation towards dating, and being friends first, and building a relationship and partnership. But really, I just kept thinking, I don't know how people get husbands!!