Saturday, December 26, 2009

Unto You a Child is Born...

a son given...

and now he is THREE!

Little Daddy turned three amidst the Christmas Celebration. And while in the weeks leading up to the big day when asked if anyone had a birthday coming up, he did almost without fail say, "Jesus!" and then when prodded would admit his birthday was also on it's way. As per tradition, a Lightning McQueen cake was requested, and although The Mr. and I were tempted to purchase the Cricut Cartridge "Cars" and try the fondant cutting technique, we opted instead for putting actual cars on the cake.. cute, simple, and according to Little Daddy, "the best cake ever."

So before Christmas dinner he opened his presents, Gator Golf got rave reviews as well as a Jr. Golf set and bag with actual metal clubs from Miss H. Also exciting, a remote control Lightning Mc Queen.

Little Daddy is a delight to us. From the very beginning I knew he would look just like The Mr. (I dreamed it when he was still in my tummy), but I couldn't have imagined how much his personality would take after him as well.

Little Daddy is humorous and easy going, and a die hard Deacs fan. We enjoy his crazy jokes, (Lighting McQueen have a race on my head), his sweet cuddles, and his tender love for his baby sister. He is a great friend to all, and a joy to our hearts. His baseball cap is ever present, as is his charming smile.

I still can't believe he is THREE!!

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