Sunday, December 20, 2009


There are approximately a thousand things to pick up downstairs, and three pretty large projects I'm supposed to finish tonight.. but I can't resist posting some family portrait retakes.. apparently it's going to be a rough year for a great family protrait.. but here's a few to tickle your funny bones, and spread the Christmas cheer.

Miss H and Cubby also sang as part of the Covenant Choir for the second time today. Lil Bit was beyond ecstatic to see them up there and called out Brudda Brudda and did her grabbing/pointing arms. Little Daddy, spent most of the four minute performance, working a bruise into my thigh as he stood on me to get a better view. Cubby was quite specific about where he wanted us to sit so that he would not be too nervous, and actually chose our seats before the service. Apparently it did the trick because not only could we hear him, but he didn't cover his face this time at all.

In the late afternoon I took C and H to join up with church members to go caroling in one of the retirement communities.. it was AWESOME, and truth be told, our group was not too shabby.

alright... now I must get down to business!!

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