Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life

So, somedays things around here are just about MAGIC and today really and truly was that day. The weather people around here started calling for snow a couple of days ago, and the buzz around here was near ELECTRIC. The school system opted for closing two hours early, which meant The Mr. would get to start Christmas break TWO HOURS EARLY..

The kids and I bundled up and headed this morning to my eye appt. Our optometrist is a very nice man, and was quite understanding and patient when Lil Bit picked up his probably super expensive eye equipment and started banging around. The best part was obviously getting contacts again, because my vision is so poor I have to sleep in my glasses or I can't find them in the morning..

Next I took the troops to visit Santa at the mall...

I know.. so fun, and guess what.. I think I am one year away from a tear free event because Lil Bit almost made it, and Little Daddy was super content.

So I was delighted that the reindeer, trampoline and new daddy that had been previously requested were cast aside for powerwing scooter, sparks scooter and some legos. (I did tell them in line that under no condition were they to ask for a dog or another sibling).

Then we headed to grocery store (I know, not the smartest thing to do the day 10 inches of snow is supposed to roll in) we beat the rush, but when we were leaving.. let me tell you the place was PACKED! and sadly Cubby lost his Eagles tobaggon hat in there.

Finally we went home and tried to get a kids Christmas picture, I'm thinking of asking my sister (hint hint Winter) to see if she can photoshop a few different ones together to get me an actually usuable photo that does not show the true "family" spirit. I have nearly a hundred shots to choose from... and well.. one of these is probably the best, cast your vote.

Finally, we patiently waited... and watched.. and...

(too bad I didn't do this as video because Cubby was singing a song about snow and all of them were shaking their buns)
It SNOWED!!! (and is still snowing!!)

I bundled the kids all up in their snow gear, just in time for The Mr. to return home, and look at this fun..
I know.. amazing. I did laugh nearly hysterically when I managed to get The Mr. Right in the face. Of course as I was paralyzed with laughter, he pelted me!

We came in and had hot cocoa, and snuggled in to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas. Now the Mr. and the kids are doing a dinosaur puzzle on the new kitchen island. Except for Lil Bit, who is walking around with no pants on because her newest trick is pants removal.

It is a wonderful life!
Happy Snow DAY!!

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snoopy said...

well all I can say is it looks like christmas at your house
and watching SNOOPY makes it the best place to be
love you guys and I do miss ya
love ya
ps you made me cry but its good tears