Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's Day---

So this was one of the gifts that the kids brought home from school for Mother's day.  Can you guess what I must have worn the Friday before Mother's day?  I know so cute!! 
So you may not be able to read the text.. but the highlights of their interview about me.. 
My mom looks prettiest.. in a light blue dress (C) when we go to church (H)
While I am at school my mom.. I don't know what she does on monday, on tuesday she shops, on wednesday and thursday she goes to bible study, on friday she goes out and looks for stuff (C) She does fun stuff with the little kids. 
My mom's eyes are green (C) light blue(H) .. perplexed that my children are obviously blind I also asked this question of the younger kids brown (A) and Rachel said Gold hmm flatterer! 
According to C my favorite thing to do is sew and make hairbows, but my dear daughter is quite convinced my favorite thing to do is have a little rest. either of these could be correct.  
Apparently, Miss H is convinced that I am the best coach, while Cubby thinks I rule at sewing. 

The pictures were great, and the interviews quite insightful. I had a great Mother's Day, especially the little rest and steak dinner. we also have the most adorable family of blue birds (made of pottery) nesting on the downstairs mantle in the family room. 

Mother's Day does mean that summertime is right around the corner, so we are beginning to assemble our fair entries.. here are some of the projects the kids have completed already. I love filling our summer's with arts and crafts am excited with all the sewing projects the kids have lined up! 
 Cubby- Deacon Deacon in oil
 Miss H Sundress
 Miss H- Aslan in oil
 Miss H- Red eyed tree frog
 Little Daddy-Alligator (painting on wood)

Miss H-Mixed media (marker and chalk pastel)

I would really like to do some batik fabric painting but I am having trouble finding a book on it from the library, and I thought a pottery wheel would be fun.. 
Also.. the pool is open! I haven't brought my camera down there yet, and it is still that awkward week when the younger kids don't remember that they love swimming.. but.. finally! Summer is just around the corner. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

strawberry field

It's that time again! Strawberry picking! And although dear cubby was terribly disappointed I would be taking the younger kids while he was in school, I forged ahead any ways.. because sometimes I am not a super mom, sometimes I am an easy way mom. Although I did promise him we would go one time with everyone. Here's some pics.. you know.. cause it's all about the documentation.

As usual my "helpers" were 100 percent helpful for approximately 12 minutes, and then they were only interested in eating berries. Which is okay, since it does make for good photos. Unfortunately, it also means that they don't contribute much to our gallon, oh well! at least they weren't complaining.
and seriously.. can you even believe lil bit's hair??

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The final stretch

When I get a minute I will update you on where I have been all spring.. and how awesome it is to be a coach. But for your interim entertainment I give you this...

Cubby and Miss H have now trooped off to Kindergarten 163 times... as a group we have accrued 9 tardies (three of them because of the stinking Thursday train I don't remember until the last minute, one when Mimi had to take the kids to school, and a few lost shoes/car keys/ why are we even going) I think our abscence total is 5 3 days off for a broken arm, 1 fever, 1 dentist appointment, and one day the sun didn't come out and I just couldn't hack it)

Anywhoo... so subtracting our fails I think we have made it like 149 times. Well today.. ATTEMPT one hundred and SIXTY FOUR.. I was naively thinking things were rolling along nicely.. healthy lunches packed, kids dressed (except Rachel because sometimes she's a pain) and I am putting the perfect ponies into Miss H's new shorter hair (I chopped 8 inches off ) when what comes skipping down the hall but Cubby....



Yes after successfully getting dressed and preparing to get into the car he elected instead, to return to his room and put on HIS BATHING SUIT!!

Really? After 163 tries? Bathing suit?

In his defense swim practice does start today at 5:45 did he not think 3 hours would be enough time to change?

I did not handle this well people.. not my best moment.
blessedly there are only 16 more days.