Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The final stretch

When I get a minute I will update you on where I have been all spring.. and how awesome it is to be a coach. But for your interim entertainment I give you this...

Cubby and Miss H have now trooped off to Kindergarten 163 times... as a group we have accrued 9 tardies (three of them because of the stinking Thursday train I don't remember until the last minute, one when Mimi had to take the kids to school, and a few lost shoes/car keys/ why are we even going) I think our abscence total is 5 3 days off for a broken arm, 1 fever, 1 dentist appointment, and one day the sun didn't come out and I just couldn't hack it)

Anywhoo... so subtracting our fails I think we have made it like 149 times. Well today.. ATTEMPT one hundred and SIXTY FOUR.. I was naively thinking things were rolling along nicely.. healthy lunches packed, kids dressed (except Rachel because sometimes she's a pain) and I am putting the perfect ponies into Miss H's new shorter hair (I chopped 8 inches off ) when what comes skipping down the hall but Cubby....



Yes after successfully getting dressed and preparing to get into the car he elected instead, to return to his room and put on HIS BATHING SUIT!!

Really? After 163 tries? Bathing suit?

In his defense swim practice does start today at 5:45 did he not think 3 hours would be enough time to change?

I did not handle this well people.. not my best moment.
blessedly there are only 16 more days.

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sewthriftycollection said...

at least he was prepared for practice right? lOveandmisS you.