Friday, May 20, 2011

strawberry field

It's that time again! Strawberry picking! And although dear cubby was terribly disappointed I would be taking the younger kids while he was in school, I forged ahead any ways.. because sometimes I am not a super mom, sometimes I am an easy way mom. Although I did promise him we would go one time with everyone. Here's some pics.. you know.. cause it's all about the documentation.

As usual my "helpers" were 100 percent helpful for approximately 12 minutes, and then they were only interested in eating berries. Which is okay, since it does make for good photos. Unfortunately, it also means that they don't contribute much to our gallon, oh well! at least they weren't complaining.
and seriously.. can you even believe lil bit's hair??


Ty & Andi said...

Oh my WORD! Look at all of that GORGEOUS curly hair!!!! I would LOVE to look like that!
We really want to go strawberry picking too, but I'm not sure I could watch 2 little kids and hold a baby while picking a gallon worth of strawberries???

Summer said...

umm.. I can help! I am exceptionally practiced in the baby holding/kid watching department. We went at the children's home... I thought it was great! I can wear your baby for you in the bjorn or block the end of the row so C and A can't escape.
Also, our fabulous pool is open!! so let's be summertime friends!!