Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silent Night?!!

It has been a full, and quite eventful day around here. We had some last minute Santa projects to finish, a fun Gingerbread House Decorating activity. We are talking real gingerbread people, not hot glued graham crackers. These wonderful houses were sent by my sister in law Jodi, who apparently got the Martha Stewart gene.. she sent bags.. (yes bags of candy) and the children happily decorated away.

We attended the childrens service at church this afternoon, the excitement about the costumes being just about unbearable. Especially for Cubby, who in his haste to retrieve his shepherd's stick mananaged to knock two picture frames from our new mantle, cutting his foot and nearly knocking Lil Bit's head off. There were bare feet and glass EVERYWHERE! and of course this happened moments before we were supposed to be loading the car. When we got settled in the sanctuary, the anticipation was palpable let me tell you, until the quiet of Randy's opening comments was shattered by Lil Bit slipping out of the seat in her sheep's costume and banging her face into the hymnal rack. I removed her mid-shreik, but our Christmas photos probably won't be super.

Check out the Angel, Shepherd, Sheep and Tax Collector? Pageant Director? (you decide... he was under no circumstances interested in dressing up)

We returned home, so projects could be picked up, and then the Angel and Shepherd and I went to spread Christmas cheer and pick up some photos we were giving as gifts. As we were heading out the door, the shepherd tripped himself on the stairs and landed hard on his back... "Don't worry, I'm okay" he called out immediately, but it left a substantial mark.

We visted with Mr. Richard and Mrs. Hazel, where I took no pictures, sadly, but we were as usual delighted to have them so near to us. Finally, we concluded the evening with meatloaf for dinner, where a glass actually broke in the Mr.'s hand. (No injury) and we opened our Christmas Eve presents. It's not really a surprise, as we all knew we were getting pajama pants...

Miss H and Cubby worked very hard this week to sew pajama pants for everyone. Cubby sewed for the girls and Hannah for the boys. Cubby even stitched a pair for KIT! So cute.. I did some iron on on the shirts, which I hope to stitch someday, but probably won't ever get around to.

Then for your amusement we experimented with the self timer on the camera.

So.. we now await the fat-man.. and given the rash of broken glass and injury, am double checking my insurance policy, as he will most likely become lodged in the chimney!!
We are baking the cake to Celebrate Little Daddy's Number Three Birthday! I can't even believe it!

The children are nestled, all snug in their new jamma's and I'm hoping they go to sleep SOON!!

Merry Christmas to all! God bless!!


Andrea said...

I think this is my favorite of the Christmas pics you have shared. Hope you had a great day! Merry Christmas!!

Linnea said...

That is the cutest family photo ever! I love the different fabrics on each leg of your pants!