Monday, June 7, 2010


My birthday is coming, and so we have been talking about aging and getting older. The Mr. and I would both love to freeze life just now where it is, because it is difficult to imagine it getting better, and so we told Little Daddy that he would have to stay three, and on his next birthday, he would just have to be three all over again.

"No, I gonna be four on my Birthday"

No, you'll just have to be three again, what is so great about turning four?

"You get a beard."

Yes, he really thought he would get a beard for his fourth birthday. Granted I think the Mr. did have to start shaving in fifth grade.. but really four?


sewthriftycollection said...

a beard you you say, we could do this.

Taylor K said...

that is awesome. I hope he starts smoking a tobacco pipe for his fifth birthday and gets an ascot and sild robe for his sixth. all man. :)

Controlling My Chaos said...

That is just too darn sweet. Don't you just want to bottle him up?