Friday, June 11, 2010

a little birthday

Because everything is better with Bacon, Lil Bit offered me hers and said.. happy Dirthday

Then this arrived! 38 sheets of gypsum drywall minted right here in North Carolina

These men arrived and humored me by letting me take their picture.. and then they proceeded to hang the drywall.. 
In between the insulators came and insulated but they were gone so fast I didn't get a pic. 
We baked a cake... 

We had a surprise luncheon!!

Cake and presents await!! You may not be able to see but those are See's candies lollipops in a flavor called ROOT BEER!! Who Knew such things existed? 

I am totally loving my birthday. The Mr. is taking me on a real date, and also I have a gift certificate for new clothes for my smaller heinie. 

Loving it!!!

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sewthriftycollection said...

Happy Birthday!mmmm rootbeer and a lolli in one- awesome! Love you and bacon.*winter