Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

The Mr. did have to go to work on Thursday, but another weirdo snow storm rescued him for a strenuous two day work week, the school system cancelled everything, not even an option for work. AWESOME!!

I have been doing alot of "crafty type" projects involving modge podge, and paint and have orchestrated some kid friendly sewing projects, but I haven't created anything in a while. I mean almost a year I think. (not counting the Halloween Costumes I borrowed a machine to complete). At first it was because my back was hurt, and it felt selfish to spend any of my twenty minutes of pain free-ness on myself when there were babies to hold and nurse, and kids to hug and snuggle. Then when I felt absolute longing to complete a great project (a dress I had promised my best friend 2 years ago!!) my machine broke. The Mr.'s mom was nice enough to lend me her machine, which also broke and there wasn't a shop anywhere near here that could fix it. So all my wonderful sewing supplies and "horde" of fabrics ( I put this in quotes because what The Mr. Thinks of as a stockpile fit for apocolypse, only occupies 2 drawers in a dresser, we have different ideas I think).

Anyway.. I did get the machine repaired and have been waiting and wanting to use it, but we've had all these snow days which prior to kids would have meant, grilled cheese, and laying in bed only to stay up all night stitching. All these things are not possible, as you may have guessed from the previous posts. I tried to get Miss H busy on sewing so we could work side by side.. to no avail. Finally, this afternoon after 6 snowy snowy days and little time out of the house I set it up, I pulled out a fabric I have been sitting on for MONTHS to make the girls some cute valentine's day skirts.

I kid you not dear readers, no sooner did I finish cutting out the last piece did the basement begin to FLOOD. I Mean BIG TIME... We were all scurrying about like rats on the Titanic trying to get everything off the floor, and the whole time I was thinking. Seriously?!!

Well The Mr. seeing my dismay carried all the required machinery up the stairs and let me work in the dining room after the kids went to bed. Isn't he sweet?

When Lil Bit woke up crying he went in and got her and tried to entertain her until she would settle back down... I know he's so amazing.

And the reward for all his hard work?

Two sailor style, kickpleated, heart covered skirts. (That still need buttonholes. But I always wait a day before button holes, because they make me cry). You can also see the oil pastels the kids have been working with, because heaven forbid we not learn a new skill with all this uninterrupted time.

The amount of water in the basement, also makes me cry.
Snow I love,

I also love The Mr. (obviously!)

Rain, flooded basements and buttonholes. Hmm not so much.


Heather said...

Those skirts are darling!! I wish I had your talent. You make me really want to learn to sew.

Sorry to hear about the basement! What a bummer. Is everything fixed? I hope so!!! =(

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of button holes!

Summer said...

Heather, I think you would love sewing. It's also great to be able to make things that fit well, for instance the skirt I made for H I have a 3t waist but a 5t length. (I wish the girls had awesome boots like Dakata's to wear!) It's not hard, and sometimes you can really make cute stuff.