Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Day Take TWO !!

I am having ALOT of Fun on "Spring Break" apparently that is when we will be making up these snow days (YIKES!)

We have done some fun projects, kept the house fairly clean, and played in the snow.. and guess what schools are closed tomorrow too! Actually it is an optional teacher workday. I am wondering if The Mr. will go in just to escape all the crafting and togetherness.

Miss H sewed some super special valentine's for lucky recipients, and we plan to make adorable heart shaped Rice Krispy treats on a lollipop stick to give away. (We are having a mild obsession with Rice Krispy treats around here) We may dip some in chocolate. YUM!!

Here's our snowmen. Cubby has been waiting his whole life to build a snowman. This is the first great one we built. According to Miss H, these men are way cooler than the snowcano.

I'm certainly glad for all the days off. We have are all a little sniffly, and The Mr. had a fever last night, probably laying low is in our best interest.

So, I know not everyone is as exhuberant as I am about snow days, but I do pray you find joy in this extra time with your families!

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