Friday, June 5, 2009

Library LOVE

Following our beach excursion we got back into the habit of going to the library once a week. Our dedication has led to the rediscovery of some great books, There's an Alligator Under my Bed, by Mercer Mayer, and We also rediscovered Peter Sis who is a great preschool author. We read his book Ballet, and made this adorable no sew tutu for Miss H. I literally tied the tulle together while having a playdate with another family. SUPER!! We also checked out "Baby Ballet" an instructional DVD with kids learning ballet. Miss H loved learning the movements. So cute! Little Daddy also showed his dancing flair, he wasn't half bad to be honest. Cubby said no thank you to participation stating that dancing was clearly "for girls". I'm hoping this phase is a short one!!

We also read (I LOVE THE LIBRARY) a great book called, When Pigasso met Mootisse this prompted a mini art colony in the basement, where we painted with bright colors and black outline a la the illustrations in the book.  So fun!!

Guess what? We have two new library card holders here!!
That's right Cubby and Miss H are both old enough to check out their own books! It was an awesome experience, and even my heart was palpitating with the magnitude of the day. Very serious business these library cards, paper work and all!! The two sat very diligently and filled in their names, and posed for pictures with librarian Nan. I was completely flooded with fond memories of my own first library card. It was made of Oaktag, and although it was slightly larger than a business card I can still remember thinking I would never be able to fit my name on the neat little line. No Oaktag here... it's a bar code system!!

Only guess who is struggling with not being one of the big kids? Poor Little Daddy. Too little, and too big at the same time, oh the plight of a middle child!   

Don't they look adorable? Thank you to Mimi Viv who sent these festive dresses just in time. They might be my favorite sundresses ever! And the boys rugby's will go right into GO Deacs season without missing a beat.

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snoopy said...

Just way to busy where do you fine the time.
But I think it great.
I just love it.
Great job everyone looks happy but little daddy but you don't want to get big to fast.
hugs ann love