Friday, June 5, 2009

It's twue

I was making pancakes when a dejected Little Daddy came strolling into the kitchen and climbed onto our stool. With a pathetic sad little pout he said" Mom, Hannah said I'm wittle." The camera in my heart just clicked away. (He's so stinking cute!!) Serious as could be I answered, "Let me look." I searched him up and down, back and front and carefully examined his hands and feet. But before I could give him my professional mommy opinion, he said sticking out his lower lip in that patented pout, 

"It's twue...         I'm wittle" 

I tried to mother it up, "Well you are littler than Hannah, but you are bigger than Rachel." I said helpfully. 

Guess what.. He wasn't buying it. 

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Emma and Dan said...

I'm so glad you updated! The pics from the good camera at the beach are amazing. It just makes me wish that my own perfectly decent 3 year old camera would break. :) I loved the video of Sweet girl giving kisses. I'm so excited to have a little one again!