Sunday, June 14, 2009

That's A lot of Candles

Did I mention it was my birthday. The kids and the Mr. Baked a super confetti birthday confection and lit it afire! You may be able to hear Cubby exclaim, "You're getting pretty old mom" and Little Daddy add.. and your going to get our house on fire. Sweet! Yes my heart was melting when all the kids were singing, it is quite a sight to behold!

What a fun day, the Mr. helped each of the kids to choose a present for me. Little Daddy, was very excited for me to unwrap my new Lightning McQueen and Sally Matchbox cars. Cubby selected a smurf DVD for my enjoyment, Miss H a book on Coaching Field Hockey, and the Mr. A gift certificate to Miss Martha's sewing shop!! YaY! 

And what do you think I wished for? Well I'll never tell!

It is a gift to have so many people to love, and so much fun each day.

Much love, 
The Birthday Girl!

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Linnea said...

So cute! I like Rachel singing along. Kirsten sang along to the video too. Happy Birthday!