Thursday, June 23, 2011

We've been in the mountains..

We've lived very near to the mountains FOREVER but we haven't spent any time there really. We took a trip with the Mr.'s Family for almost a week at a house on Sugar Mountain. 
AWESOME!!  It was so incredible.. even the day it poured rain as we rafted down the Watagua River. 
 The Mr. Got some new Sunglasses for father's day.
 Have you met the newest addition yet?
 In the mountains.. on a walk.
 looking for bears
 "Cheers" with Papa...
 it's grape juice... in case you were worried. The kids and Mimi were quite concerned I was letting Lil Bit drink all my WINE.
 free paddle boats (Which I would call Canoes) This was a nervewracking experience to be in the canoe with a bunch of wiggly kids and an expensive camera.
 walking on the dock.

 Hiking Linville Falls

 up up up to the top...

 reading on the deck...
 smore's... (all the really good smore's pictures are on Mimi's camera, because I was handed the wrong one.. in all the smore's flurry I could hardly put it down and switch!)
 Gem mining (Have you done this ever?) you pretty much wash and sort rocks and it was very interesting for people of all ages.

 see who is more interested here.. it's hard to telll..
 Little Daddy's Haul... now we need a rock tumbler.
exploring a feldspar mine (not as interesting as a gold mine.. but you know.. still neat)

There's even more.. this is just a teaser.. not to mention all the fun we didn't catch with the camera. Like Karaoke..Baby Jack tunneling through the coffee table... Mellow Mushroom..
on the way out we hit the tanger outlets... and MAN oh MAn did we score at the gymboree!! I also made out like a bandit at LOFT. I love that place.

Swim Meet Tomorrow! Miss H is still not asleep so I'm thinking it will be a disaster for her.


*winter said...

Rachel and Hannah Look just like you and I as children. Rachel has the same crazy hair I have. Love it. Those gems are amazing. You SHOULD get a rock tumbler, however it takes 18 days of continuous tumble so ..? perhaps the natural state of them is best. Looks like you had a blast. The mister's sunglasses are very chic-ly cool. love ya all. mmmm send auntie some smores please. and a cool rock!!! rock on with your mountainous selves.

snoopy said...

Very very cool I wish I was there with you all it looks like you had a great time
Love ya and miss ya