Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today is my birthday

and if you saw how cute I looked in my new workout clothes this morning you would be so jealous! But you won't because i didn't get a picture before I worked out.. and so I will not be reenacting that one!
and then if you saw how cute I looked in my new circle skirt and tanktop, with new birthday sunglasses you would be so jealous!
and if you saw the humongous oreo salad giant cupcake brithday cake the mr. was whipping up for my birthday you would be even more jealous.

Now if I can find a birthday babysitter, the Mr. said he would take me out and show me off.. well that's not exactly what he said.. but you know the Mr. he rarely talks like that.

Any whoo.. hopefully I will actually get a picture taken but.. in the meantime. Here is our newest family portrait. 

So before you say anthing, we did get the boys haircuts, I think the day after this photo was taken.. if I post a pic of little daddy now you will be blown away, because he is practically shorn and it makes him look considerably older.   Also, the photographer insisted on taking a picture of The Mr. and Mrs. even though we explained there was no way we would be purchasing it, I don't love it, but hey that's how it goes some times.

Consequently, this is my "Channelling Donna Reed" dress that I made myself for church. I LOVE IT!!  The bottom is a circle skirt with a few pleats. I have been sewing a few things for myself, (even though what I would really love is to buy everything at the Anne Taylor LOFT).  Perhaps I will show you some pictures sometime.

Anywoo I am having a fabulous day! I know you are so jealous.


*winter said...

Totally Jealous!!! YOur family picture look amazing an dso do you. Love you glad your day is swell.

snoopy said...

I glad you had a great day I would have like to see the cake and the family looks great
Love ya

Ty & Andi said...

I AM jealous! and if I had seen this yesterday I would have called you and asked to babysit your kids while your hubby showed you off around town! PLEASE, if you EVER need a date with the MR., call me! I miss you AND your kiddos! I would gladly drive over and hang out with your crew and tuck them all into bed and then just stare at all of the amazing projects you are working on until you got home...HONESTLY! HAPPY, happy Birthday! I think you are the best! (even though I have been MIA for what, a year?!?)