Thursday, June 9, 2011


Here are some funny things you might be interested in:

Three nights ago when the kids were wrestling.. Miss H said,"stop your crushing me and hurting my back" to which Cubby replied as he was getting up "Sorry it's because of my sexy abs."

I stifled a pretty big laugh, and brought the subject up at dinner.
"So when you said it was because of your sexy abs, what did that mean? what are sexy abs?"
"You know like hot abs"
"No, I don't know. What are hot abs? Are they on fire? Do they need an ice pack?"
"You know like when girls at the pool are trying to act all hot, and so they lean on the garbage can and their belly buttons are sticking out..."
(here I tried for a stoney I have no idea what you mean"
So Cubby Added..
"It's when these teenager girls wear black dresses and high heels and they put blue stuff on their eyes.. and then they take their purses like this.. (and here is where his arts based education is really paying off because he got up out of his chair and stood with tilted hip and and shoulder and put on his pretend purse) ... and they walk like this.. (now you've all seen teenage girls trying to act hot with their sexy abs.. now picture cubby doing it)."
"Oh" I said.. (inside I was a raucous giggle volcano) Why do they do that?
"I don't know".. whew! at least he's not completely corrupted yet.

as we were driving down the road.. just lil bit and I she says out of no where..
"mom, when those alligators come in my room you are going to have to get them and you can throw them out the window because I don't think alligators can climb on leaves of the tree out my windows. So that's what you hafta do. Okay? Got it?"
here is where I made my big decision.. to just go with it,
Okay.. I'll throw them out the window.

The Mr. was trying to convince the kids to go shopping to buy me a present. They were not that interested.
Cubby: "WHat SHOPPING??!?!? I can't go shopping I'm too tired!!!!?! (notice the exclamation points, in this case those mean exceptionally whiny and perturbed) I was downstairs and I was yawning down there!!! AND I already got mom a present (here my dear husband innocently asks what and my ears prick up) TODAY at school I was singing for her and other things and she REALLy liked it. (it's true I did like it)
Little Daddy: Well I'm going to give mom a hug, that's a great present and that is what she really wants.

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Andrea said...

After QUITE a morning with Grayson--his first tardy of the year--I definitely needed that laugh. Maybe it will help me to have hot abs. ;)