Sunday, June 12, 2011

FAshion Show

An exciting thing happened today... Miss H upcycled her first pair of jeans!! 

I have made many shorts this way. There was something magical about her choosing to make them bermuda length, and stitching them up while in her underwear. You'll see she is using the "HELL-NA" Hello Kitty needs a tune-up. I'll have to get right on that, because the kids have projects lined up on the ironing board already.

Take one of the Mr.'s Faded non SMOD compliant collared shirts.

Add one industrious, creative, completely wonderful six year old.

Get one, really cute, almost looks store-bought I can't believe she made it herself, swim coverup!! 
Do you see how cleverly she used the ribbing from the original sleeves. I had tried to get her to make bias tape in red with white polka dots and add some red polkadot pockets, but she wanted this simple/classic look. 
She's amazing. 
Here as promised are some things that I have sewn for myself inthe last few months. 
Channelling Donna Reed and Easter

Cutesy Circle skirt and Jackie Oish Boucle Shift
I love them all, especially the skirt which didn't even take an hour. The Jackie Oish sheath is a boucle, and a testament to why you should always have a friend help you set your hem length. It's about 1 inch too short.  Mimi has the same floral fabric to make some skirts for the girls, so I'm hoping she gets those finished soon, because we all know I love the coordinated family look. Maybe I can talk the boys into bow ties. 

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*winter said...

AMAZING!!!!! She is sew industrious and creative.. And your sewing skills are awesome. all those items look store bought.......I was looking at these photos intensely but failed to see my circle skirt...hmmmmm ?? must have gotten cut out of the photo, right?... Iloveit all and can't wait to see what she created next.