Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hi Ho Cherry O

I had a few firsts today. First.. we went Cherry picking. Awesome.. and then to Pilot Mountain for a picnic..

We had a cherry tree in our yard when I lived in Northern California.. but it was nothing like these. Miss H said, when she shimmied up the first ladder... Hey this is just like Chutes and Ladders! and the first time her bucket slipped, Carrie callled out. Hey "It is Hi Ho Cherry-O!"

I have never been so in awe. Cherries are always a highlight of the summer, but to see them dangling like little juicy rubies from a tree overhead is quite a sight, they must have been quite tantalizing we ended up picking 12 pounds worth!

Little Daddy was quite the picker, and loved climbing the ladders! At one point as he was depositing black cherries by the handful he sang an original cherry song.. which I wish I could recall the words to. He is not generally a singer and he must have been inspired by the absolute beauty that surrounded us. Even Lil Bit shimmied pretty high, although her shorter arms left her picking a little slim.

We also discoved a yellow wax cherry, that is the most divine thing I've tasted (although on the way home I bought some hickory smoked sharp cheddar from a farm stand on the state line that was pretty tasty too). They are a little bit tart with a sweet finish. A feast for the eyes and a delight on the tongue.

also at the farmstand I let the kids all pick some food for a picnic, The boys choses apples and the girls tomatoes.
Rachel chose a pint of heirloom cherry size tomatoes, a wonderful array of pinks and reds and yellows.  I can't tell you how they tasted because she gobbled them all up before we reached Pilot Mountain.

What a blessing to have great friends with great ideas!
and I think we might head back to Pilot Mountain for a little hiking.


*winter said...

Those ladders look very high up... I'm impressed with their climbing skills and cherries are very delicious. mmmm cheeeeeeeeeeeeese.

Ty & Andi said...

where do you go cherry picking??? I would LOVE to go! we used to go all the time in ID hen I was little. How fun!