Friday, April 2, 2010

A Stitch in Time...

Saves nine.. or ten button holes.

A first I tell you, that the Easter dresses are done before Easter.
Here is the back...
Can you see those five perfect little buttonholes going down the back behind those mother of pearl buttons. No? Oh well let me assure you they are PERFECT. Miss Martha of Knit One Smock Too, put them there for me, perfectly aligned and sized and in less time than it took me to mark them I tell you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. (So does Miss H!)
So it is a very very good Good Friday, and I can't possibly put into words how great it feels to be preparing to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with new handmade dresses on my lovely daughters. I enjoy sewing for people, because it is such a wonderful way to pray for them, while you are working. When I work with needle and thread I feel as if I am stitching my heart and faith up right in there with the fabric, and I love when these things are worn by those that I love. Last year with it's complete dirth of handmade items because of my back was tough for me. Easter Sunday with it's parade of Strasburg outfits on my completed family was a difficult to's not the look, it's the love.

I love it even more when Miss Martha does the button holes.
Can't wait to see them paired with the bracelets I purchased from a very young entrepeneur via etsy.

(Also just wait till you hear about that we took the kids to the Zoo.)

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