Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some Interesting Developments..

The kids have been working on jumprope tricks. We've been having a lot of fun with a big jump rope, but they don't quite have the hang of turning their own yet. Here we are doing some fancy tricks.  As a side note.. we have also been enjoying some other playground games. Mostly clapping games. I was hoping to introduce them to chinese jump rope, which I used to love love love, but I couldn't find one around here anywhere.

We had our first family power outage on Thunderstorm Thursday. It was a fairly violent storm, and The Mr. insisted we go down to the basement (which had been partially dismantled in preparation for the waterproofing). We drug a few things out and had a blast for two hours by candlelight. Miss H practiced her "Old MacDonald Had a farm" on the piano read some funny poems from, Where the Sidewalk Ends, had a candlelit picnic.. and cuddled. Here's a little pic I took via self timer.. I know you can hardly even tell the power was out because the flash is SO SO SO awesome!! On Friday Cubby said, "Hey can we just pretend the power is out and go down and have fun together again?" 

We are geting the basement waterproofed, and so the paneling had to come down. I had some excellent workmen here to do it and haul it all away. Look at what we found behind the last panel!! 

Isn't that adorable!! I know, I am totally going to put our kids prints below it. I have said many times how much I have loved living in a house where I knew a little bit of the history, but these little handprints were a great reminder of how families have more in common than we think. 46 years!! It's just amazing to think of a family doing all the same things we do within this very set of walls. Here's hoping the waterproofing holds another 40 or so years!!

Finally, Little Bit (who is now 18 months old!!) can put on her own pants. Evidence below. I just couldn't bear to pull them off and turn them around when she was so proud of herself. 
I am compelled to make a list of all the words she can say, our trip to zoo really expanded her vocabulary, and she has started making some two and three word sentences. She is still a little bit of a bully, but I am hopeful she will outgrow that.   She will right? 


sewthriftycollection said...

that's awesome, I hope you do put your hand prints up there to add to the time capsule. Rachel is geeting so grown up Imiss you all. have funluvs!!

Taylor K said...

awwwwww. i love those hand prints, the backward pants and the jumprope shots. i am insanely jealous of your cool camera. i think now that i am a doula i need to purchase one or 'business purposes.' don't you think? :)

snoopy said...

Wow what a great fine I wonder what eles you might fine in the house. I bet it was really dark, I would have been scared. Remember when we all use to jump rope???
Happy birthday Mr. had a great day.
Well take all of you . You are all growing up way to fast slow down are you,ll catch up to me??
Love you all hugs to everyone .