Sunday, April 25, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

After four days of fever hovering just below 103 Lil Bit awoke today looking like this. 
Snotty nose and crazy hair aside, that budding smile was a welcome change. She was a MISERABLE sick child. 
Mimi and Papa had come to visit to help out with the track meet. Which went well, but didn't make as much money as we had hoped, but anyway then we went out to the ball game!! The local Carolina League team built a new stadium right around the corner from our house. So off we went..

It was awesome!! I don't know if it's every minor league team or what but they were showering us with gifts! 

We saw a home run! Miss H got to sing on the microphone for Take me Out to the Ball Game! Little Daddy and I were on the Jumbotron and both Cubby and Little Daddy got to take home a ball. At the end of the game, they let the kids run around the bases.. it was aweseome! 
So #24 Seth Lomar You should be expecting some fan mail, because Cubby is your new number one fan. 

Gotta Love a local team.. 

Then we went for pizza and ice cream!
Best day yet.. 


Anonymous said...

awesome fun!!! i love pizza and free stuff.

snoopy said...

Het like I said before you are having way to much fun . Love ya

Brooke Eriksen said...

How fun!

Change.. what change?

Thanks for being my number one fan!!