Monday, March 29, 2010

prayers please

We pray to the Lord, Lord hear our prayers..

I am supposed to be downstairs sanitizing the basement AGAIN because last night's torrential downpour flooded us one end to the other. Literally utility room to garage door.

I am grateful for the minor miracle that I did not start the pump before heading up to bed, because the floor drain was clogged, and no water that seeped in the utility room last night went down, but at least the water from the crawl space wasn't piled up on top of it.

My laundry room and bathroom wood floors are RUINED. When you step in there it goes squish splash squish splash, and the wood is black from underneath.

It makes me cry a little.
I am trying to remember that these are just things, this is just a house.. that these are not the Eternal Things for which I should labor, but it is hard to hold that thought amongst this muck.

I was just celebrating one year of being able to walk upright... an anniversary that I am glad comes at this time of Easter and Passover. Praising God at how that infirmity taught me so much about how to trust people, and let them love me.  And now of course I am wondering what exactly He has in mind with this little test that is going to stretch me again.. (um well beyond my current limits I think).

What I want to be doing finishing Easter dresses. Wouldn't it be nice if one year I finished them not on Easter morning? Of course each dress has 6 button holes. So, that won't be stressful or anything.

What I am doing is whining and complaining and procrastinating, and considering buying lottery tickets.

prayers please.


brooke said...

What is this about an infirmity? Don't remember that one! And really I am just impressed that you make Easter dresses at all!

I am SO sorry about your basement! I will be praying for you!

Emma and Dan said...

If anyone can handle extreme stress with faith and grace (yup, I said it: grace), it's you. I'm so sorry that this all happened when I wasn't able to help out!

I hope that in the aftermath of the clean-up, things are looking better. I'm praying for you! If you need a quiet, semi-clean place to work (and an automatic button-hole foot) - feel free to sew at my house Fri/Sat night.