Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh no she didn't..

I am recording this here for posterity and hilarity.
I take the kids swimming at the Y on Fridays, because I'm just a real go getter...

Following the swim I shower all the kids at the Y, and I irresponsibly let them stay in there as long as they want, while searing hot water and gallons of soap run down the drain. Then while I shower I let them dress themselves and blow dry their own hair, which they seem to think is FABULOUS.. even Little Daddy loves this luxuriousness. Oh yes, I let them brush their teeth there too.

Anyways.. it was admidst all this mayhem fun, that my vanity was once again bruised..

I rush out of the shower and am trying to slide into my bra and panties while still remaining coccooned in my towel a la middle school, when AAACKK my towel untwists itself and falls around my damp ankles.

"Uh Mom you're nudey" says Miss H with an undertone of disdain disapproval.
"Yeah, I'm trying to get dressed hurry quick" I answer kinda huffy because the YMCA locker room does give me mild flashbacks to middle school.

"Okay, I'm just going to try not to laugh."

What?!! Aren't I still supposed to be the most beautiful woman they've ever seen? I thought I had at least five more years before I would be cowering in shame at the state of my body.
and let me just take a minute to remind you little missy, that I didn't always look like this!!!

Seriously, I did proceed to ask her exactly what she would laugh about (I know playing with fire.. not a good idea right?)

"Oh well mom, it's just that sometimes when I see uhhh" (Big pause here and also some blushing) whispers.. "boobies...  I laugh."

Well, I don't know if that made me feel better or worse. (Where exactly is she seeing boobies? Where did she hear the word boobies? Why does she think breasts are funny?)


brooke said...

There is no way mine are even recognizable to be called such, so you are still ahead of the game.

LOVE the story!

Andrea said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

you should forget the floors and just plant moss everywhere, it will look super easter like and it is enviromentally fabuolous and is supposed to go squishy squish! love you sound like you need dad! !!

Ty and Andi said...

oh my word...awesome! And come to my floods and lots of toys/crafts/friends.