Monday, December 13, 2010

A new low..

I'm so embarrassed at how long it's been since my last post. Missing, probably forever from our family history.. the school conference that broke the camel's back, the pre-thanksgiving fun! Baby Jack! Thanksgiving, black friday, christmas tree, my new job, the last go deacs game of the season, the first snow, my other new job, the cast came off! Letters to Santa the advent candles, the candletea, the crafting melee, the ornament party, Outbreak at Kindergarten! Lil Bit's new do, so I'll do my best to some it all up and select a few ton of pics..

We are having SO much fun!! Although I am also frequently exhausted and intermittenly quite grumpy from all the fun. Cubby has grown to an enormous height, so much so that I had to buy him new pants and gave him firm instructions to stop growing for a few weeks at least.. also he is writing a book, which is awesome! His arm is all better, and actually he complained about it so infrequently that a few times I forgot it was broken at all, except that he no longer sucks his fingers which is AWESOME. so now I am thinking Miss H should get a cast to end her thumb-sucking. Is there a doctor that would put a cast on a kindergartner for no reason other than I find her thumbsucking and occassional sneaky nose picking to be so annoying my skin crawls?  She continues to be exceptionally helpful and a great big sister, so I am trying to let these joys outweigh the shortcomings.

Little Daddy continues to be a delight and is really thriving with C and H off at Kindergarten (which is not my favortite by the way) He is becoming quite the little reader and has nearly polished off the first sight words box and collection 1 of BOB. He has also been excited because the big FOUR is coming in less than two weeks and you know what that means..  A beard (according to him!) and a Library Card. AWESOME!

Little Bit who we have been calling Pinky and Little Pink or Red Riding Hood finally got over her sinus infection and seems to have the worst allergies of all the family, so she is taking an allergy medicine everyday. Her attitude has improved dramatically, perhaps being able to breathe has increased her tolerance for us. I did have to cut her hair because she refuses to let me wash it or brush it and it was constantly looking tangled and less than beautiful. When wet, her curly top stretched nearly to her little buns, but I tearfully chopped it into a chin length bob. I'm hopeful it will grow back.

Here are three of my favorite pics from the last month and you can watch the slide show to see the rest of our fun.

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sewthriftycollection said...

where's the slide show?!!
Glad you're back, I have missed all your faces and comic family happenstance. Love you. Please directed me to the slide show.

sewthriftycollection said...

Good directions. lovexox