Friday, December 24, 2010

can't hardly wait!!

So the preparations have been made,
the presents are wrapped, the cookies are out,
 the children are asleep, the birthday cake is frosted,
 and the Mr. and I are awaiting just the right moment to dash up to the attic (well he will dash!) and get out the Christmas. The season has been awesome, our joy was immeasurable today watching Miss H and Cubby play Mary and Joseph in our Church's family service, with Little Daddy bedecked as the awesomist shepherd you ever did see. Lil bit played her part well as an angel, and a good time was had it seems by all.

Perhaps the best time of this Christmas eve was a last minute visit (no not this one!)
One of these years I'm bound to get a hallmark version don't you think? 
 The visits were to two older members of our congregation, on which both my daughters offered to accompany me. YAY! Both visits were joyful, and reminded me again what a great gift it is to be a mother, to be a mother to wonderful people, and to have so much to be thankful for. As much as I am guilty of delight at things to be unwrapped, I am pleased to find myself contented and grateful for these moments I am able to spend with people, hearing about their lives and sharing their joys. Let us not forgot my family train is generally a circus, and I am always pleasantly surprised at those who welcome it in and embrace it.  I am delighted to have sons and daughters that bring joy to others and to me, children in whom I can see the desire to love others well. It is an amazing gift to be surrounded by people better than yourself, and to be able to claim them!

And little daddy will be four FOUR tomorrow.. can you even believe it!!

Here we are in our Christmas Jamma Finery wishing you the very merriest of Days! May the peace and love that came embodied as a  babe lying in a manger fill your heart and home and may the hope that He brings to this world light your path.

Much love!!


snoopy said...

What a nice way to bring in Christmas
With the whole family I love it wish I was there
Well I can hardly wait to see the pictures of Christmas morning
Love ya
And little daddy HAPPY BIRTHDAY what a special
Have great day
Love you wish I was there

sewthriftycollection said...

Happy day of birth little daddy. YAy! for matching Christmas pjs. I love you all and to all a good night!!!