Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas means crafting...

 We have been crafting and crafting around here.. Miss H received a candlemaking kit from our dear friends and after reading the directions I set her up with a rotary cutting board and tool and she went right to town. She made a selection of tapers and pillars, and then got the brillant idea to make some birthday candles for Little Daddy's number four birthday!

Then she embellished some of her candles.. She made a family of three... and then this..

I know.. it totally looks like it came right out of a magazine! I love her!

Although we have a stack of fabric that needs to turn into pajama pants I have been obsessed with a photo project I discovered around Thanksgiving.. you can see it here.. So obviously I don't have enough cash lying around to just fill my house with these treasures so I did a little google research and have been working on a few pieces.. I am not so pleased with the color transfer method, although I only did a paper version (and nearly rubbed my finger prints off!) but I think I could get hooked on the transparency method... I love the look alot more than simple decoupage, even though it is obviously more time consuming.. but I've not perfected it yet.

here's a sample..


Katherine said...

that looks awesome! both the candles and the photo....i've got to make one of those photos!

snoopy said...

The candle is awesome next Christmas you can make the advent candles and sent a set to auntie I would love that. And the picture idea is great to.
Love ya and miss all the fun