Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very Merry White Christmas!!!

I love family life, I love the anticipation and buzz that happens when we are all waiting for something fantastic, and Christmas around here creates double the buzz because it's Christmas and Little Daddy's brithday... when you couple these two events and you have four kids.. let's just say exponential may not cover it.

A success all around, cinnabon for breakfast, santa deliveries, skyped in grandparents and cousins, wii games, a light lunch and SNOW!!! inches and inches and inches of SNOW that is STILL falling.  Birthday presents, family movie, steak dinner with mashed potatoes, homemade birthday cake with Handmade candles. A few arguments.. one little lady has some boundary issues, and also really likes unwrapping presents that don't belong to her.

So the highlights of Christmas Birthday 2010...

10.  Cinnabon (we really only get it once a year)

9. Handmade Candles

8.  Shrinky Dinks being a big hit despite the doubts of Mrs. Claus
7. New Decals for the girls room courtesy of Sure Cuts a Lot software

6.  Little Daddy slicing his own birthday cake.

5. The fist pump followed by a hug when Little Daddy opened the gift Miss H had selected and purchased with her fair winnings. "This is the best ever"

4. The Mr. Not even suspecting he was getting to go to one day of the MASTER's this spring!!

3. Lil Bit chasing everyone with her play hypodermic needle saying, "Just relax dude.. just relax"

2. Snow!! 

1. The mock faint of a new four year old when he finally laid eyes on his new RECLINER!!

Also.. there was this miracle.. called Lil Bit took a nap...

It will take me a little bit to "remember" how to put a movie up so you'll have to trust me about the mock faint.

I hope your Christmas has been Merry and Bright!


sewthriftycollection said...

Super fantastic fun was had by all I see! Fabulous nap spot. Happy day of Birth little daddy-o. love you all. *winter

snoopy said...

Hey sound like you had everything family snow birthday and fun
Love ya and miss ya

Emma and Dan said...

What a fun day you had! Isn't Christmas just the best? :)
I love the room decals.
You forgot to mention that awesome cradle! Were did that come from and who was it for?

Emma and Dan said...

I'm eagerly awaiting a new post, Summer! :)