Monday, November 1, 2010

The After party

So we went trick or treating.. awesome fun. Little Bit was so in to it.. except the scary parts. We came home with quite a haul. Couple the 37 lbs of chocolate each child brought in, and the Costco size sugar candy bag we bought to give out, although we did not get a single trick or treater (burned out street light)
means we have 7,429 lbs of candy to each..
Lil Bit said she'll handle all the lollipops.

 see her here in a sugar daze
 This is not her offering to share, it's her telling me to STAY BACK!
you can no have my candy, you need get your own trick or treat.


snoopy said...

Well I guess you could save the candy
We had about 50 kids this year I even put so lights up
You did a great job
Love ya

Controlling My Chaos said...

Gotta love the sugar coma though.