Saturday, October 30, 2010

the best time of the year...

I love Halloween.. I mean LOVE IT!! it is so much fun! I have thoroughly enjoyed all the excellent crafty time and projects with the kids.
This is also my favorite of all our seasonal book bins that I bring down each year. Although I still have not secured a copy of Mrs. McMurphy's Pumpkin, or The Spider and the Fly (I'd love an audio of that one too!) I loved every rendition of The Little old Lady who wasn't afraid of anything, and a new favorite around here "Big Pumpkin" which is a new telling of the gigantice turnip story I first heard from my Story time idle Karen Robertson. (She is so awesome, and I try and lift her ideas whenever possible).
Here I am in my crafting lair... Miss H snapped this picture while I was applying the 24 eyelets that make the lacing up the back of her Queen Susan dress. See that crop-o-dile.. let me just say.. AWESOME!
I really enjoyed the process this year of making the costumes, I did not make the boys, just two great dresses for ladies.. but the ensemble..

We also made some great crafts from my friend Brooke's blog.. elleandkate

Ping pong balls and little LED tea lights from the dollar store, and presto.. instant eyeball fun. The boys are using them as nightlights.. so fun!

Well I hope you are all off for some great adventures. I know these Kings and Queens of Narnia can't wait!!


sewthriftycollection said...

amazing. I love all of the crafty funness happening over in Summerland. I have a package for you. I hope I send it; wish me luck. luvs *winter

Emma and Dan said...

The dresses are amazing. You are too. :) I'm going to be giving you a call in the morning, we need to catch up.