Thursday, October 7, 2010

She's TWO!!

I can't even believe it, I mean I can because she's been acting two for quite some time now, but,  TWO?!!!

We love this littlest Riley and all her crazy hair. She has thus far been the most challenging, and has an advanced sense of sass and naughtiness, but I'm hopeful that we will be able to steer all that "spirit" in a positive direction, or at the minimum, a direction that will not drive me batty.

She is quite the conversationalist, tells a great knock-knock joke (here's a hint... whoever is at the door, she doesn't know) She can run and jump and loves calling attention to her lastest mastered feat. "See my stretches, See my splits, see my artwork I make it for Mimi and Colin.. TOP IT! don't touch it! it mine!!!)  She can identify all the letters of the alphabet, shapes, colors, and most numbers, although S, 2 and 5 still give her pause.  She can dress herself, and  after months of using the potty is very close to not needing diapers at night. (Which will be AWESOME!!)

Her favorite song at this point, "Good Morning God" followed closely by Holy Holy Holy. Her favorite activity is probably riding her tricycle, which she will pedal only when you are not looking. Lil Bit, loves scissors, which makes me very nervous for the next 6 months, because she loves scissors the way Miss H loved Sharpies.

She makes me giggle, she makes me cry, she makes a big pit of frustration in my belly, and then melts it away.
She still does not accept the fact that I am not only her mother but also C H and A's. Just today she shouted at Little Daddy to "Get off my Momma!! You have you DADDY!!"
She pulls hair
Today she threw a tantrum so intensly that she wet her pants.
She refuses to take a nap or be still when she is remotely sleepy and instead falls asleep about 12 minutes before we have to get the other kids from school.

I love her.

She'll make me a better mom yet.
If she doesn't kill me first.

She's probably going to be a star.


Anonymous said...

YAY! Lil bit is amazing, she makes me think of what it must have been like to live with me as a child. Love and miss you and your kids so much.Please give them all a hug from auntie. and yourself a hug from lilsister *winter

snoopy said...

She is one of a kind and she will make you a better mom but you still have a great family and as they grow so will you
Love you all
G Auntie