Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We went to the Dixie Classic Fair.. Again.. and again.. and again.. 

I love the fair, it's true, I'm always talking bad about it, like it's uncool, but secretly, I LOVE the fair. (Of course, when I say fair I do not mean the Midway area where all the teenagers are congregating and looking for mischief) I mean the petting zoo and the exhibits and all the little 4-H kids with their show animals. I love looking for the gigantic pumpkin and cheering on Little Swifty at the pig races (here's a tip number 4 is a RUNT and comes in last everytime)

I admit ashamedly, my mouth waters when I think of fair faire. No not the dreaded krispy Kreme cheeseburger dripping with grease and laying sandwiched between two YES TWO doughnuts. I mean actual hand-dipped made fresh before your eyes corndogs, and roasted corn stuck with a sturdy stick and floating in a vat of melted butter, I mean the perfect, oversized granny smith apples freshly (as in no plastic packaging) perfectly coated with caramel and roasted almonds (or pecans because we are in the south afterall!) 

I do love the rides, at least I did as a kid, now of course my parental goggles make them all look rickety and dangerous, I was thinking that probably next year the kids will be wanting to participate in the "wristband" days, and there will be no end to my worries.  Good-bye kiddieland bumper cars hello deathtrap zipper. (which I say ironically because I probably have 8,397 zipper rides under my belt. 

By far my favorite part of the fair is the "education" building where they display the handicrafts and fine arts of entrants from all over the county.  The first time The Mr. and I went took the kids in there, Miss H said, "Look at all these things that people can make with their gifts". Well each year now we have let the kids enter items they have crafted, and see if they would win any ribbons. This was Little Daddy's first year and check this out!! 

Here's the returner's  with their winnings. 

I know.. they're amazing!