Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Breaking Point

Yep.. they're not as sturdy as you'd think! 
I wasn't there. (I know I'm a terrible mother, don't add to my already overflowing guilt!) All reports indicate he was exceptionally brave, and because I don't have a cell phone, The Mr. will second Cubby's exceptional bravery when they reduced the fracture of his radius and ulna. Apparently, he did not stick the dismount from the parallel bars. 

He has not been terribly excited about having a splint, and the swelling has been pretty bad, but there have been some highlights. 

The first night when I went in there to situate him in the bed, he said, Do you think I could have a little prize, because I was really brave in there." When I asked what he would want for a little prize, he said, a glow in the dark dollar store sword, some art supplies, and some pirate books. 

C and H both got to stay home from school one day! and Cubby has been home two school days. It has been so nice to have them all home together. 

He is really cuddly when he can't bounce all around.

Listening to his one thousand and one ideas for how to decorate his splint. 

He did say at one point, "I don't think I can get dressed" when I asked him what he thought he would do for the next six weeks he said "Six Weeks! I guess I better go work on that" 
(He did manage to get it figured out by the third day)

A package and a card have arrived for him, both items prompted a fist pump (of the good arm) and a Yes! I knew it, it's because I broke my arm!! Also, all these handmade cards came home with Miss H from kindergarten. 

Watching him try and figure out how to do everything one handed, and have to ask for help from his sisters (yes even Lil Bit) and brother has been great. I love watching him navigate this new territory. 

and the very best... his insistence on an "orderly line" if the field hockey girls wanted to sign his "cool cast" 

He's doing pretty well and doesn't complain about the arm... so I'm giving him some extra ice-cream for calcium and sayingmy thanks about it not being his dominant hand. 


sewthriftycollection said...

Poor kid, please send some love and hugs his way xo Auntie

Brooke Eriksen said...

Bummer! I was heart broken when Elle's arm was hanging by a thread. SO SORRY!!

And yes of course you can enter more than one. Get to it! Less than a week left!