Friday, November 13, 2009

You are here!

Rather.. I am here...
in my newly repainted (what were we thinkinG!!) and re-organized (don't you love the island!!) kitchen. This week has flown, Absolutely flown by. The kids have rediscovered the raised hearth (thanks again Papa Mike for freeing it up by building a bookcase) the current favorite activity there seems to be "shaking your booty", punctuated by enthusiastic (and steadily rhythmed) stomping from Lil Bit.
In order to distract Lil Bit from Jumping off the hearth (head cracking on my mind of course) I brought down the rocking horse Papa Mike had made for Miss H. Poor Lil Bit didn't even get to ride it (in spite of her arm flailing and screeching) because Little Daddy LOVED IT. It was only in the midst of all the arm flailing and screeching that I remembered that we put the horses in the attic because I can't stand the FIGHTING!! Whatever! a few moments of bliss for Little Daddy, once the row was resolved.

See this face.. yes I know, adorable.. if not slightly naughty (aren't we all!) This is the face of a toddler (yes a true toddler, people) whose basement play heaven has a CREEK running through it, and is therefore off limits. I believe this is the picture I got during my "talking to" about why she did not care to stay upstairs while I crawled around in the muddy, creepy crawly crawl space trying to position the pump for optimal water removal.
She's all business people, all business. Below is Little Daddy, who is becoming quite the little scholar. Although, he is not stringing the sounds together to make CVC words yet, he does enjoy his Monday morning Little Daddy school.

Speaking of school, here is Miss H updating our Word Wall. Moving the desktop into the basement was an excellent choice. Cubby and Miss H have greatly appreciated the access to their favorite learning sites, as well as word processing.

And can you even believe her hair? I know.. I cut six inches off, because her resemblance to Rapunzel was making me weary. (Not to mention the time it takes to untangle!!) So love, joy and fun abounds here, as well as a minor flood in the basement.


sewthriftycollection said...

i love the yellow and blue together! miss you!

snoopy said...

Hey I think it looks great. I think you'll fine that everyone going to want to be at the table in the middle. It will be great for cookies. I love it.
have a great time love you guys

Heather said...

WOW Summer, your kitchen is amazing!! It looks so cute and cozy. I really like the blue cabinets and yellow walls. The colors go together perfectly!! I think we have the same fridge too. Is it a Maytag with a roll out freezer? I love it.

Your kids always look SOOO happy. I can see they have been blessed by the "Happy Genes." What a wonderful trait to have! So many good things come out of being happy.

And what is up with kids and those darn horses. Dakota is obsessed with hers. Luckily she doesn't have to share...yet. lol

By the way, I can't believe how big Lil Bit has gotten. Where has the time gone? geez. Such a cutiepie though. You have such a beautiful family =)