Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Part II--Concerning Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving has gone serious around here this year. I invested in actual safety knives this year and let the kids go to town. I think only Little Daddy was sad to not be painting them, and Miss H got the hang of the knife rather quickly. She even carved a second one Cubby of course took carving and creativity to a whole new level, yes, he is using a screwdriver to apply a crocodile skin texture to his pumpkin.
I thought there would be more pictures, but Little Daddy was absolutely not interested in carving pumpkins, or touching any of that disgusting goo that was inside of them. His creation (so adorable!!) is the one green eyed pumpkin. And I entertained him the rest of the time by letting him do the photography. His talent in this area is yet undiscovered, but his enthusiasm is immense. Miss H made two, one with inset eyes, and pink eyelashes, and one that she actually carved and cleaned start to finish without any assistance. The Mr. and I were helping my dad with some projects he's doing for us.

(I know who leaves their four kids in the basement unattended with a bunch of knives and their only camera? In my defense they were safety knives).
So viewed here from Left To right, the pumpkin masters are: Little Daddy, Miss H times Two, Lil Bit, and Cubby.

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Heather said...

The pumpkins look AWESOME!! You guys did such a great job and it looks like you had so much fun doing it. By the way, the picture of Miss H looking at the camera reminds me SOOOOO much of you.