Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Whisper

I am about to sit down and work on my BSF lesson for the week, hoping to recapture a little of that wholesome spark that has been missing the last few days as I have been woefully loud in my voice and drowning out those sweet whispers that come to remind us of His love. To prepare my heart I challenged myself to find ways I have been reminded of His love that I overlooked because I was too busy being busy. In just a few moments reflection I had these two praise experiences to record.

First, see this...

Yes, I know it doesn't look like much, but it was a whisper. We have been working and working on the house, and I had this idea about getting a china cabinet for cheap and painting it black and then putting some poshy geometric fabric along the back of the cabinet for a pop of color behind all our three place settings of china and the fabric would match elegantly, with the cushion for the hearth.. but I digress. In order to see if this was even feasible, I packed all the kids up and headed to the Rescue Mission, which has the best deals on used furniture, and also is a ministry, so I just feel great when I am spending money there. ( I digress again) It had already been a long day, but I explained very clearly to the troops what was up, and went over proper behavior and said a prayer that I would live through this experience. No sooner did we walk through the newly refurbished entrance than Cubby (who by the way LOVES to shop) said, "Hey mom did you bring some number 5 dollars." With literally my last iota of self control I answered, "Yes, I did bring some number 5 dollars to buy a china cabinet with." When I turned there he was fingering this tiny rocking chair. "You cannot have that chair Cubby, it is too small for you."
"No, it's not for me. I wanted to get it for Lil Bit for Christmas. I think we can paint it pink."
He then proceeded to put it down near her so she could try it. She loved it! And my heart was filled. Miss H chimed in right behind us, "Ohh, I can make a cushion for it." They continued enthusastically, with Little Daddy looking a little disappointed. "He will paint it, She will make a pillow, what can I do?" So I let him carry it to the car.

It is always when I am at the end of myself that He fills me, with these small whispers of eternal bliss.

We did look at china cabinets. There were several, still $75. I took the chair, even if I had the place settings to fill up a cabinet, it wouldn't ever fill me the way the presence of that tiny chair in the front entrance did. Best five bucks I ever spent.

Secondly, (again I am struggling in the patience department people) Today was a very long day, We had art class, Ballet for Miss H, Gymnastics for Cubby, and then Track practice otherwise known as work. When we reached the midpoint of Cubby's gymnastic class, Miss H and Little Daddy were losing it. I had Miss H sit down, and handed her the only book we brought. Arrow to the Sun (one of these books below which are all in our seasonal book bin which I change out once a month from the attic because even with our new book case, we can't have ALL the books on a shelf at once). I just told her to read it, nevermind that it was a book she hadn't even picked up before.
told her we would just talk about it when she was done. She just sat there quiet as could be and read. She didn't ask for any help, she didn't make any comments. Well we rushed right out of the gym and hightailed it to work, because it is a tight schedule on Thursdays, and then we got through practice and dinner and we were sitting about having stories, when I remembered that I never asked her about it. So instead of opting for a retell I just said simply, what did you think about that book. And she said, "I think that boy who came from an Arrow from the Sun is alot like Jesus." AMAZING. She is right the Christian Symbolism is there, but of course it's not spelled out. I was blown away that she was able not so-much to understand the imagery, or decode the text, but that her first thought was of the Lord. Now she has been a BSF youth program participant for three years, but still, she is only five.

This whisper of good faith training, was repeated when we read The Mud Pony, which is another native american tale. In the last line of the book the Mud Pony whispers "I am here, your Mother Earth, You are not alone" when the little boy starts to feel afraid. "That's just like God, that whisper. He doesn't want us to be afraid, and He is always with us."

So, my cup runneth over. I welcome these reminders of a love well lived, and am hopeful that in the coming days, I will look for opportunities to praise.

Much love!

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Emma and Dan said...

How sweet! I love the rocking chair story! And the book story! Plus, I love all the books in your picture, so that make me happy too.

Elena has a book basket in her room that I switch out each month so that the correctly themed books are easily accessible. I thought that I was the only mom that neurotic. Nice to know that I'm not alone.