Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Part III- The Big Event

In case you haven't heard the Incredible Super Deacons were out full force on Halloween. They suited up early for the game, and got their super hair done. Then tailgated in the parking lot (of course!) Wake had set up a great trunk or treat, costume contest and hayride for the kids. We did not do the hayride, but they definitely trunk or treated, and WON the costume contest!! The prize you ask... The Incredible Super Deacons got to strut their super stuff on the field at the ACTUAL GAME!! We of course have no photos of this because The Super Mr. neglected to remember he had the camera IN HIS POCKET.

Even Little Daddy, a man of few words, said, "That was fun." as we headed off that fantastic turf. (We may have been running from the enormous stink cloud that seemed to emanate from the Smallest Super Deacon, who apparently paused in the end zone to take a dump in front of thousands of people) (I may reword this later.. probably I'll get busy and forget). We didn't stay long after that, we got some socks from the New Balance sock toss, and high tailed it to the Mini-Van when it started to pour.

The eldest Super Deacs were then treated to a haunted house and more trick or treating, while the youngers were treated to bed.. and as they all lapsed into little sugar overload comas... I reflected on what was obviously the best Halloween ever. And also.. I cannot even believe how much candy we, I mean they, umm okay.. I mean I got.


brooke said...

Unbelievable! Love the costumes!!! Is that Miss H's real hair? So long and beautiful!

Ty and Andi said...

I love the high five pic! You are so amazing to me...I don't know how you do sooo much in a day! We have been trying to paint the house, refinish old furniure, etc. and I feel like the days are over before I get anything done. We really need to come and see you! I need to get to the rescue mission too...I would love to find a cool shelf I can turn into a window seat in our family room.

Anonymous said...

dad looks like he had a lot of fun!