Wednesday, October 28, 2009

While Super Heroes Sleep...

Well, Halloween is approaching, and this year the kids have opted for a League of Super Deacon's. So they will be attending the festivities decked out in super hero wear. I suppose this is a good compromise, as I was really hoping for Max and the Wild Things, and Cubby was pulling pretty hard for Police Officer. They will don their new "looks" tomorrow for a party and then again on the actual day... we'll see how it all unfolds. My Dad is here to enjoy the fun with us as well. YAY!! And has already been wrestling the kids, riding skateboards, and today... we let Miss H and Cubby ride all the way to park on their bikes. I told them if they got very good at listening and following, and properly walking their bikes across the street, I would let Papa ride with them all the way to the store to get a soda. I know.. it was an amazing picture.

Here is a recap of our Halloween fun thus far..

2008..Oompa Loompa's a la their favorite movie.. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

2007... Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Crocodile

2006... Dorothy and Scarecrow

2005 Two little Monkeys


brooke said...

All of it....AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

saftey rope!!! haahha