Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Busy Week

It seems I used to be able to post everyother day or so, and now time flies during the week!! We had a few adventures here.

First there was a narrow escape to the refuge of the porch by a skull and crossbones wearing pirate and a pearl tiaraed princess.

"I'm a marry this princess with my skull on cross bones on" I was informed as they escaped the mutiny of a cannon firing indian.

That idea seemed to agree with the cupcake princess.
The kids and I made a trip to Virginia to get apples, and get them we did. Mutsi apples were $6 a BUSHEL!! So I got two for our family, and one for a friend, and a half bushel each of Rome and Golden Delicious ($12) I know the whole back of the minivan was filled with apples for only $30!! We converted said apples into 30 quarts of homemade applesauce, 1 apple pie for a friend in mourning, 1 apple crisp for dessert and lunch/snack for the entire week, and this one too. Our first experience with canning/preserving was awesome, if not also exhausting. I'm excited to try making spaghetti sauce and diced tomatoes next year, If not some jams over the summer as we continue on our quest to connect with our food and join the "slow food" movement.

While the kids interest waned dramatically (it did take hours!!) they were each able to crank the food mill, and if The Mr. hadn't been a dynamo at the apple slicing station I would have gladly used child labor there too. It was a great feeling to think that one organized fall morning would mean a delicious treat throughout the rest of the year. What an amazing insight into his eternal provision for us.

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