Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rock Stars?

The Mr. thinks we should title this post "Voices of Angels" I've chosen "Rock Stars" but I am not sold on it. Here is the debut of the Covenant Choir at church this morning.

You will notice that Miss H looks a little dazed and confused and is singing the words quietly as she reads from the prompter. Our other child is the one on the right with his hands over his face. What you may not be able to tell from this itty bitty little video is that he really was singing, quite well and loudly, he just didn't want us, ie his family to be able to see him, all this was explained of course after the fact on our way to our weekly Costco excursion. So with strict instructions that next time we should sit in the balcony we giggled and chalked it up to a first experience. The other revelation was Miss H saying, "When I went up there, some raindrops got in my eyes and I think they were going to turn into tears. I might have been a little bit scared."

All in all it was an amazing day, (I managed to avoid singing in front of people for almost my whole life) to see our kids up there to open the worship service and to hear their little voices praising God was inspiring. By far, this was all made sweeter by Cubby's prayer at Dinner. "God is great, God is Good, and we thank him for this food... and thank You for letting me sing in church..." When I asked him what he thought God thought about his singing he said, "I think he liked it." with a quiet assurance that comes from true faith. What a blessing.


brooke said...

They are just like you! They can do it ALL!!!! I will never stop being amazed at you and how you mother!!

snoopy said...